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10 Golden Rules For Success



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Have you ever wondered what sets the differences between really successful people and an ordinary person next door? Well we’re here to bridge the ‘gap of differences’ and show you these 10 top rules that separates the great from the common. Though there may not be one specific path to success, there is certainly common traits of those who are successful; which could be your guiding light to your fulfillment.


1. Give attention to the right things

right things

Do not waste time on things which may distract you or pull you away from your success. Doing so will only stall and divert you from where you want to be.  Focus on whats right at the point of time. Remember, procrastination is your enemy and discipline is your best friend.


2. Harness your strength, accept your weakness

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Everybody is born differently. Even though we are all humans, we come in different shapes and sizes, different needs, different ambitions and all that is different that made us who we are. No person out there is born a success, but everyone has a potential to be one. Find out what works for you and what don’t. If you try to make a penguin fly in its life, it will live its whole life thinking it is useless and incapable. We all can’t be great at everything, that’s a fact. And being an all rounder, just makes you average at all things, not great.


3. Be thankful and happy with what you have now or later


Being thankful for what you have breeds content. It allows you to accept and fulfill your life more than what it is now. Be thankful of your achievements so far. Do not fret and complain, as that only allows negativity to seep into your soul and does no benefit to you at all. Saying this, you shouldn’t be overly comfortable with what you have now, unless this is where you want to be for the rest of your life. For whatever the outcome may be, have gratitude and you will live a positive and successful life.


4. For happiness you propel

be happy

Being happiness expresses positivity. Be happy in what you are doing and whatever you may want to do and you will find success not too far away. Being sad or upset is only going to demotivate you, depriving you from the needed mentality to push forward to your final goal, success.


5. Sophistication or simplicity?

Simplicity can be the key and is usually the key to success for many. Sophistication will only turn a simple idea or effort more complex, making it tough for you. Sometimes, it is the little things that make big things happen. Start small, aim big and work towards it. There is no shortcut to that and you can’t cheat your way up. A simple rule of success.


6. Passion. Do what you love


Yeap, even if its bacon. What makes successful people from the norm is that they love what they are doing. They find passion in their path to success. Only by having passion, you will truly enjoy what you are doing. Working on a job which you dislike isn’t going to work and would only cause misery. If you’re an extrovert who likes a social life, then do something along those lines. If you appreciate and love visuals, do graphic designing or photography.


7. Do not try to please everybody

no time

Not everyone will like you, that’s a fact. Don’t feel demotivated or hated for that. The best you can do is to always try to maintain harmony. But if it is too much of the effort then just leave it. How others sees you is based on their individual perception and there is only so much you can do about it. If they want to judge negatively, let them, there’s nothing much you can do about it. Don’t waste your time trying to work that perception out. You’ll only be stalling yourself from success. Besides having people whom dislike you might keep you aware and alert, which could be a form of motivation. In short, there is no specific key for success, but the key of failure is trying to please everybody.


8. Process and progress

Always bear in mind that success is a never-ending process. You shouldn’t just focus on the end result, instead put your effort into the process and progress towards success. By focusing on the process, there would be growth and progress. A popular saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”


9. Your input is your output

Physics and success are somehow correlated. An example; If there is no consideration of safety, driving faster exerts more force and would get you to your destination faster. Success could be similar. By putting in more force(effort), you would be faster (reap the fruits of your success faster or larger results). Put in small effort and expect a small success. Put in big effort and you can expect a big success. Simple theory, and that’s a fact. Greater efforts will definitely get your further, if all circumstance remains constant(such as luck). Rule of thumb is to always put more than to put less.


10. Faith keeps you going


Believing is the key and not giving up is your door. Having both within yourself will definitely brings success. Faith keeps you motivated and would drive you in the path of your success. If you don’t believe in what you do, naturally you would do lesser and consequently you would give up. Believe in yourself and in the things you do, else don’t do it at all.


That’s it for the 10 golden rules for being successful. Now get out there and suck the seeds of success. We wish you the very best in your endeavors. Everyone is bound to succeed if they really want to!

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