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12 Reasons Why Australia Is Better Than Your Country



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Australia, the land where the sun is always warm and the people are too. We at WOB love Australia as much as we love our cheeseburgers. AND WE DO LOVE OUR CHEESEBURGERS VERY MUCH!

From their incredibly high minimum wage, wonderful citizen welfare, to their amazing flora and fauna, we are certain that Australia have it better if not all. (All claims are totally unbiased. No we aren’t Aussies!)


1. There is swimming pools in their oceans

Bondi Ocean Pool

What better way to enjoy the breath of nature than this. Combining the elements of nature and man-made pools is certainly genius. Australia has the best of both worlds.


2. World highest minimum wage 


In Australia, money flows like water to your wallet! We’ll not really, but their minimum wage scheme certainly does depict that phrase better than any other country would. Did you know that Australia minimum wage per hour for any employee is about $16.90? That is a whopping $10 extra from the average minimum hourly wage of employees the United States. Want to be rich? Australia has better chances.


3. They have the best meat pies

meat pie

Meat pies are everwhere! Meat pies are the staple food for Aussies. These handheld food is ought to be the national dish for this country.  The fact that meat pies are taken very seriously here also means that they make the best meat pies in the world. We at WOB love our pies very much, especially a whole succulent Australian beef pie. How about you? Have you had one yourself?


4. Best online systems in the world


In Australia, everything can be done and found through the internet. This includes visa and travelling applications, police reports, paying any bills, grocery shopping, filing a complaint and much much more! This means more time and lesser headaches. No wonder the people here are always so cheery.


5. The Great Ocean Road here lives up to its title of ‘Greatness’


When it comes to nature, Australia will never fall short. The rock formation along the south-eastern coast of Australia is out of this world. It is one of the natural heritage that shouldn’t be missed for any nature enthusiast.


6. Tallest and widest steel arch bridge in the world

arch bridge

The widest and tallest steel arch bridge is located in Australia. This modern architecture puts up an amazing view especially in the night sky.


7. Chris Hemsworth is an Aussie


Now here is something for you ladies to get yourself tingly. Your mighty Thor was born in Australia. Thorrific!


8. Liam Hemsworth is an Aussie

hunger games premiere 6 150312

Australia is not only a land of beautiful babes, but also famous hunky men you see in Hollywood.


9. The home of rugby champions


Rugby is the most watched, most played mainstream sport in Australia. Aussies eat, sleep and breathe rugby. That being said, that is why Australians dominate the rugby league.


10. They have a giant pink pudding lake


Well not really. However, thanks to the enormous amounts of algae and prawns, certain lakes appears to be pink rather than the typical blue or green. Now that’s something only in Australia would have. Who wouldn’t want to dive into a lake that looks like cotton candy? Everybody does.


11. Hordes and hordes of kangaroo


Australia is the only place where the population of kangaroos exceed the population of human. It’s a furry furry land here. Methods of balancing the population includes, kangaroo steak, kangaroo burger and kangaroo kebabs. Yummy.


12. Most generous birthday party. Ever!


Australia held  a birthday party in their capital that will be unmatched by any. Why? They gave everyone an off day, free large scale concert and even set up the longest champagne bar that is made up of hundreds and hundreds of champagne bottle. Now mate, this is probably the most generous party ever for the people.

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