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2 Types of Motivation Basics For Malaysians



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Time changes, new trends come and go, but the biological and psychological needs of the human remain somewhat similar throughout our existence since the beginning of time. By saying that, motivation has always been the core of our performance, the fuel of our efforts and it is indeed a very important factor that has to be considered should an individual wants to be successful. So how does motivation works? And how do people feel motivated?

Today at World of Buzz, we will be talking about the types of motivation. Motivation can be divided into two forms, which is the intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. We have to all realize that we all come into this world differently, how we look is different, what we want is different, how we perceive things in different. To keep it short, we are distinct among each other. So how can we use the types of motivation to our benefit? Well being able to understand the type and apply it accordingly allows you to apply the right form of motivation towards yourself or your peers (if you are a leader) and effectively meets the motivational needs of you or your peers.

The word intrinsic means ‘from within’ and as the name and type goes, the individual stimuli comes from within themselves. The individual will have the drive to perform his task or will be excited to fulfill any accomplishments due to his belief system and perceived importance. According to research, our desires from deep-within holds the highest motivational power. Below are examples of intrinsic motivation:


Intrinsic Motivation

  • Acceptance: We need to feel a sense of belonging and appreciated within our social group or environment.
  • Curiosity: The suspense and feeling of wanting to know.
  • Honor: We need to respect and be respected.
  • Independence: Ability to perform individually and be well without the dependence of others is a strong motivational force.
  • Order: Being organized sparks direction and system.
  • Power: We all want to be the best and have the highest power to influence.
  • Social contact: Social interactions may drive performance
  • Social Status: Almost similar to as power, however social status is more materialistic in nature.


On the other hand, extrinsic motivation are forces which comes from the outside. We are fueled by our desires externally and these sort of motivation comes in the form of rewards. If there is a form of reward after a task, it would be an extrinsic motivation. Do take note that both types of motivation can intertwined while performing an action or task. In general, the highest form of extrinsic motivation and also the most criticized form is money.



Extrinsic Motivation

  • Bonus: Bonus to your salary.
  • Beneficial Sets or Packages: Additional benefits from packages.
  • Highest Performer Pays: Best employee or performer in an organization or group will be rewarded.
  • Contest: Competition to drive motivation by rewarding individuals usually in the form of money or luxury.

So that is it. The 2 forms of motivation. Learn them and find out which type of motivation you need the most. Harness the knowledge and motivate yourself through fulfillment of your dearest desire. World of Buzz would wish you the best and succeed.

Onwards now!


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