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5 Dressing Tips For Men To Outclass The Rest



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5 Ways To Look Like A Man

Hello Mama’s boys! So you’re finally out from college and decided that its the time for you to look like Mr. James here. Looking like a man can be tough but no worries as we certainly would like to help you out on that. Looking good is never going to be easy. Even if you’re a pretty boy with flawless skin, dressing still matters in projecting the type of man you are. And in this case, a real man with is the one with confidence and style. Here is a list of 5 definite ways to look more impressive.


1. Details…details..details…

handsome man

When you want to look professional and portray prestige, details will be the most important thing to consider. Take cars as an example, what makes sports car and an ordinary sedan car different in terms of appearance? It’s details! The fine line, the rougher bulge and bad boy marksmanship is all part of the design that makes the car look sportier. And the same concept goes towards your dress code…boys. The fabric of your clothes matter. It’s all about quality over quantity when it comes to looking good like the real man you want to be. Buy clothes that are 100% cotton, wool or whatever as they look nicer. Button up! Its trendy and projects you as a true gentleman; surely to get ladies tingling. Have a lot of shirts, polo shirts or collared t-shirts with buttons in your arsenal. You want to look sleek and classy at all times.


2. Wear the right sized clothes


The majority of people likes big things. However, when it comes to men’s fashion, bigger isn’t better. Instead it is the complete opposite. Unless of course you want to go through a date looking like Snoop Dogg. Guys usually love to wear bigger sized clothes for strange reasons. Comfort perhaps? Its a completely wrong move when it comes to fashion. If you want to look like a man, start learning how to measure. A little maths would do you good. Or better yet,  stay away from clothes with sizes such as S, M or L. Instead go for clothes that already have the standard slim-fit or athletic-fit size. Its way easier and it does make a lot of difference in terms of appearance.


3. Get a real pair of shoes

nice shoes

Wear like a real man. Your partners or potential partners will not be attracted with your sandals. If you want to look like a real deal, start wearing shoes that are elegant, sexy and stylish. Pointed shoes looks sleek and goes well with formal occasions. Boat shoes made of animal skin looks great with anything you wear, so it is wise to invest in one. If you’re an animal activist then by all means get the ones made of other materials. Also if you don’t plan to run, then whats with those sports shoes? Take them off immediately. Converse, Vans and North Star are all for the boys. Just imagine, James Bond wearing a pair Converse.


4. Know how to wear shorts

shorts man

If you want to wear shorts, do it the right way. You want a shorts that is just right in length; a shorts that covers a slight portion of the top of your knee. Do note that you don’t want to be exposing your thighs, it’ll look awkward. Find a pair of shoes that goes well with shorts and avoid pairing with long socks. Avoid cargo pants at all cost, you are not a zoo ranger. It’s not trendy and will never be.


5. Learn how to roll your sleeves


As mentioned, details does matter. Learn the proper way to roll your sleeves and if you can’t, just keep it rolled down and button up.


Now that’s 5 ways for any boy to look like a real man. These 5 ways will certainly make you look charming to any girl you meet. Remember details always matter, and to look prestigious, dressing smart can never go wrong. Gel up your hair with some fancy pompadours and shake the confidence of other lesser male with your new look.

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