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7-Eleven Thailand BANS Plastic Bags Starting January 2020!



7-11 Thailand Has Banned Single Use Plastics, When Are We Next ?? - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: ThePattayaNews & TheJuice

Saving our planet starts with every little step. Don’t think “how is me using a plastic straw this one time will kill planet?”, cause in some way it will. But, we can’t deny that all these steps are nothing without the help of big corporations. And it’s surely a fresh change when they make new policies or changes that benefit Mother Earth.

So, kudos to 7-Eleven Thailand for joining the ban plastic bag movement and support the usage of reusable shopping bags. This is a huge step as 7-Eleven is one of the most popular convenience stores in Thailand. And it’s become so common of us to ask for plastic bags even when there aren’t that many items. NO, You don’t need plastic bag for the instant noodles packet and chewing gum!

This is the second step as previously they used to give points to whichever customer who don’t accept plastic bags in their purchase. This ban will be implemented beginning beginning January 2020. So make sure to bring your reusable bags when you’re out!

According to The Pattaya News, besides 7-Eleven, many other big corporations have joined hands together to make a decision to ban plastic bags in their stores.

Family Mart, Watsons and Robinsons are on the list too! Currently, there’s no rule of extra charges for requesting plastic bags.

This is such an excellent move by the Thailand Environmental Ministry and we hope that Malaysians will follow in its footsteps soon after. We’re running out of time to save the Earth guys!


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