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Have You Heard Of A Face Mask Bracket? Here’s How It Works



Source: Twitter & Shopee

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Whether we like it or not, face masks have become a crucial part of our lives; similar to wearing pants when we want to go out. Yes, it is widely known that wearing a mask can be uncomfortable, it can ruin your make-up and cause acne. However, it is something that we must do to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the Covid-19 virus.

Somehow we will always find a way to make unpleasant experiences a little bit better. So, some geniuses invented the easy-to-use face mask bracket. This simple accessory prevents a face mask from resting directly on top of the mouth and skin. Essentially, it serves as a barrier that separates your mask and the skin around your mouth and nose which creates a more comfortable area for you to breath, keeps your make up intact and even prevents mask acne.

But are they safe? According to Prevention.com, something to consider if you want to wear the bracket under your mask is how it fits, as at the end of the day, the mask is there as a barrier between you and everybody else. If it does not fit well, then you might be at risk of spreading or contracting the virus. William Schaffner, M.D. an infectious disease specialist and professor at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, said,

“The mask is designed to protect both you and others and, if it doesn’t fit appropriately, it’s not doing that. You’re not wearing the mask for show; You’re wearing it for function.”

So should you start buying these face mask brackets? Well, health experts don’t really recommend it and frankly, experiencing discomfort is a small issue to compare with reducing the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus.


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Source: Shopee
Source: Shopee

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