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Love Daydreaming? This Study Proves You Might Actually Be Smarter Than Others



Source = Psychologenie & The Atlantic

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How many times have you been scolded by your teachers and parents for daydreaming while doing a task? Did you feel like a total loser because of it? Well, personally speaking, daydreaming is one of the things I enjoy doing the most. It’s relaxing, probably to the extent of opening up a pathway for a quick escape from reality. And sometimes, a little runaway is exactly what we need to remember how to breathe.

In 2017, a research from Georgia Institute of Technology has said that daydreaming might be a sign to show that a person is creative and smart. In the study, more than 100 people were laid in the MRI machine to have their brain patterns measured. The participants were told to put their focus on a stationary fixation point for five minutes. Data obtained were compared with tests that measured their intellectual and creativeness.

Those who reported to daydream more frequently had obtained better scores in the two aspects, as well as their brain systems measured in the MRI machine, as stated in Science Daily.

“People with efficient brains may have too much brain capacity to stop their minds from wandering,” said Eric Schumacher, the associate professor who’ve taken part in the research.

Now, to those of you who like to daydream, do you feel better after knowing this?

Additionally, Live Science has mentioned that the act of mind-wandering might actually boost one’s working memory! What’s a working memory? Well, this type of memory is the internal workspace that allows the brain to mess around with different thoughts simultaneously.

But then again, daydreaming will only bring you the most benefits if you practice them the right way. For example, imagining the realistic future life you want to live in, or it can be as simple as planning your goals of the day. Just because it helps to boost your creativity, working memory and whatnot, that doesn’t mean you can neglect your job or tasks completely.

So what are you embarrassed for? Go ahead and set your mind free to wander! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Just don’t forget to come back when it’s needed.

Daydreaming is a beautiful thing that your mind does. So don’t misuse it.


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