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Melaka River Is Clearer Than Ever Thanks to MCO, Locals Also Agree



Source: Bernama

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If you have been to Melaka, chances are that you have seen Sungai Melaka and how it reminds you of Teh Tarik at your favourite Mamak. The river that cuts through the majority of the tourist attractions is also known to house Melaka’s infamous monitor lizards which can grow really big.

As there was a major revamp and clean up of Melaka’s river last year in 2019, locals don’t deny that the river is indeed now cleaner than ever due to the lack of humans.

Just like we have seen happening in Sungai Klang before this, Sungai Melaka has slowly regained its glory and it is now cleaner and somewhat crystal clear. As reported by Bernama, the river, especially nearby Stadthuys and Jonker Road, are greener and cleaner.

Bernama went on site and discovered that the condition of the river has improved. They also interviewed a few locals and here’s what they said:

Trishaw rider Joseph Oliveira explained that the river used to be dark and stinky. He said,

“During MCO, the water is definitely clearer because there’s a lack of activity on the river. Prior to MCO, the boats are busy going back and forth the river, causing the debris from the bottom of the river to come up.”

“The clean river is good for the environment and can also help the people of Melaka make money when it comes to tourist attraction. Right now, give the river time to relax first, then ‘she’ will help us back.”

Another cleaner, Salim aged 48, mentions that the Melaka river is definitely clearer, though some places may still be dirty.

“A few cleaners and I usually remove a lot of trash from the Melaka river, but during this MCO, the amount is much lesser than usual. But of course, please do not put your feet in or bathe in the river’s water because it’s still dirty – unlike a swimming pool.”

When the MCO ends, efforts should be done to ensure the current condition of Sungai Melaka remains the same as although tourism is important, the quality of the environment must be prioritised. Hopefully, we will be able to stroll along the riverside and see the monitor lizards chasing fish in the water.

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Source: Bernama
Source: Bernama

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