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“My fake hand helps me get the work done,” Says Malaysian Chicken Processer With One Hand



Source: Harian Metro

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We’ve all heard so many unique stories of people looking past their disabilities and successfully reaching their goals and dreams. Here is another inspiring story of a man who lost his left hand but still manages to do amazing things.

Wearing a long-sleeved shirt while working at a chicken processing plant in Kota Bharu, no one would ever realise Rusdi Yusoff, 56, has a physical disability based on the fake hand he wears.

According to Harian Metro, Rusdi covers his left hand up to the level of his elbow and does not make his disability a barrier to work for a living.

Rusdi has been working at the chicken processing premises for the past 2o years. He said he doesn’t do any of the tasks given to him clumsily even though he has to depend a lot on his right hand.

“At the beginning stages of work, it used to be quite a challenge because I had to rely on one hand, but when I got to wear a fake hand, it at least helped me to get my work done,” he said.

“Although the condition of this fake hand is getting rather old, I have repaired it a lot by myself, including tying it with a rope,” he added.

Rusdi, who is also a father of five children, explained that he lost his hand when he attempted to bomb fishes (blast fishing) when he was 17 years old. He also added that the fake hand he has been using was a donation given by a donor five years ago at a price of almost RM10,000. 

Despite losing his hand, Rusdi said he never gave up or lost hope. He has done many other jobs as well to continue making a living.

“I used to work in a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur before returning back to my hometown in Kampung Machang Limbat, here, and I’ve also worked with a fast-food premise, besides raising quail, chicken and fish,” he tells Harian Metro.

“However, the job was a little difficult to manage on my own so I decided to work with someone else before applying for a job here (chicken processing place), it has been 20 years so far,” he added on. Rusdi said that he is being paid roughly RM40 to RM50 a day.

Rosdi also mentioned that his employer is understanding and this type of work suits him so he can keep up and stay with this job.

He then shared about his family. He said he often had to take leaves due to his ill health and had to also be there for his wife, Rosmati Jusoh, 46, who was left neglected due to kidney disease as well as vision problems, schizophrenia and seizures.

“Three of my children are already working but only one of them works in the village. Another is earning a living in Kuala Lumpur while my youngest is still studying in Form Six,” he said.

“Before going to work, I would have to take care of my wife first by preparing some food and drinks as well as cleaning her up. This duty of mine will then be taken over by my youngest child after he gets home from school,” he added.

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Source: Harian Metro

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