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Malaysians Outraged Over Instagram Acne Filter As It Ridicules Those Who Suffer From Skin Problems



Source:Twitter & WebMD

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Ever since Instagram featured many arrays of filters on their social media platform, there is one particular filter that didn’t bode well amongst its users. A Malaysian girl posted pictures of her using an ‘acne filter’ on her Twitter account that has since angered many netizens who are suffering from acne themselves.

Syasya Fooad, an advocate for acne sufferers, initially wanted to help the girl but soon realised that the girl was ridiculing people who have acne. Enraged and disappointed by the post, she was prompted to make a statement in a video on Twitter that has gained a lot of support from her followers.

Syasya shared with WORLD OF BUZZ how she felt compelled to respond to the Twitter post because she once was mocked for having acne and wanted people to know that it’s very harmful and inconsiderate to those who have skin issues. She was very much shocked as well that Instagram would even allow this filter to be featured since they advocate for non-discrimination towards all beauty types.

“That filter is someone’s skin condition in real life so for one person to actually use it to joke around is simply insensitive,” she said.

She continued in the interview that she understands and empathises with people who have acne and would go through lengths to find the best solution to solving their skin problem. Skincare is definitely an investment to a lot of people because there’s a lot of trial and error involved with finding the right products.

Furthermore, a lot of skincare products and dermatologist appointments are very expensive. Hence, some people would resolve with using home remedies or non-certified National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) skincare products that can be dangerous to the skin.

As a person who continuously brings awareness towards building up self-confidence, Syasya felt the need to speak up about this issue because commenting negatively about people’s physical appearance can dampen one’s self-esteem and damage their mental health.

“I feel obliged to use whatever I have and can do to spread awareness of normalizing acne by reminding people to stop ridiculing other people’s physical insecurities.”

Syasya ended the interview stating that if someone is having a physical appearance issue, that shouldn’t hinder anyone from being kind and having empathy. Be mindful to the people that are having any sort of skin issues and never mock their insecurities.

“Different types of beauty should be celebrated. So if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.”

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Source: Instagram
Source: WebMD

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