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PayPal Accidentally Make A User The Richest Man On Earth



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It is indeed a shocking day for Chris Reynolds, a PR worker when he found out his PayPal account was credited with $92,233,720,368,547,800. In short, that amounts to about $92 quadrillion which is an impossible amount as the world’s current overall wealth amounts only to about $220 trillion. According to Chris, it was a very big surprise for him and he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw such amounts in his account balance. He never got the chance to even use up to quadrillion dollars in his Math’s class.

Chris told the press that if he had such money, he would have settle the national debt and buy over the Phillies which is a famous Philadelphia’s baseball team. However, his “shocking” moment ended briefly after re-entering the site to check on his account balance once again. Despite not benefiting at all from this incident, Chris was in a charitable mood and even donated $30 to his Democratic Councillor. Certainly an amount which is way lesser than what he would have donated if the money he had in his balance were real.

Chris has been a very loyal user of PayPal, the leading online payment gateway and has used their service for more than 8 years. This would be the first ever largely reported mistake on PayPal’s end. Probably a bug or glitch in their system. Their mistake have virtually made Chris the world’s richest man for a minute or so. Though the hot buzz in the news all around the world, PayPal did not comment regarding this matter. Now what would you do if you have such money? I’ll be making the world’s largest pool in Egypt beside those pyramids.

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