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5 Sexiest Female Celebrity Smiles



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Howdy. Today we’ll take a look at the 5 sexiest female celebrity smiles, handpicked by our team at World Of Buzz! Having a bad day? Then start flexing your mouth muscles and smile like these gorgeous women. Here goes:


5. Jessica Alba


Jessica Alba takes the spot at number 5 in our list. We can certainly see why in this photo. Her sparkly white teeth just brings out the best in her, if she wasn’t already. How can anybody resist those smile?


4. Kristen Bell


This american certainly stands out with her appealing smile. With those smile, she is certain to get anything she wants, her way. Her fair complexion adds further to her beauty. Beautiful indeed!


3. Jeniffer Morrison


Amazing glowing skin and radiant smile. She certainly deserves to be in our top 5 list of sexiest female celebrity smiles. Look at those perfectly shaped teeth and her facial features. Simply beautiful. Its no doubt that its every man’s dream of being with someone like her. Unless of course they’re gay.


2. Miranda Kerr


Such misfortune for Sir Legolas for letting this beautiful babe slip pass him. Her smooth skin and perfect set of teeth puts Miranda Kerr in the no.2 spot in our list. Objections? Certainly not. A girl with a beautiful smile and an exotic look. Sexy is the word.


1.  Bar Rafaeli


Gorgeous! This goddess sent from heaven has not only the perfect face, but also a beautiful smile that accompanies with it. Not to mentioned her healthily radiant tan skin. What other way to top our list with her. She certainly deserves to be on the top spot for the sexiest celebrity smile.

Sorry Megan Fox, you’re not in the list this time.

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