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Top Virus Expert Claims Wuhan Virus May Transmit To Household Pets Too, Not Just Humans



Top Virus Expert Warns That Wuhan Virus Can Transmit To Household Pets Too, Not Just Humans - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Xinhua Net & Good Housekeeping

We all love and cherish our pets dearly, and we never want anything to happen to them. That’s the general gist of how we usually feel towards our furry companions, as we treat them with absolute love and care. As such, it is probably highly worrying to know that the recent Wuhan epidemic can and will also affect our very own pets, according to a report by Oriental Daily.

According to claims by expert epidemiologist and physician Li Lanjuan, who is also a member of China’s high-level National Health Commission, the Wuhan coronavirus can be transmitted not just between humans, but also mammals in general. And as you can already guess, mammals also happen to include most domesticated animals, particularly dogs and cats. 

Source: Xinhua Net

During an interview with Chinese-run state media channel CCTV, she said:

“Owners need to strengthen the management of pets. If pets are exposed to the outbreaks and patients, they (pets) also need to be quarantined.”

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However, the World Health Organisation said on 28th January 2020 that at this point in time, it is not clear if the Wuhan coronavirus “has any impact on the health of animals and no particular event has been reported in any species.”

As of now, no such cases of pets being infected with the Wuhan coronavirus has been reported, according to Newsweek.

Regardless, pet owners are advised to keep their animals at home for the time being, and limit outdoor activities spent with them to prevent catching the virus, should such an instance be possible.

So for those of you who have furry friends at home, please do ensure that you try to keep them indoors if you can, for the time being! The world is a scary place out there, and it’s not just scary for us humans! 


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