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WATCH: Massive Waves From Incoming Tropical Storm Leave Terengganu Oil Rig Workers Stranded



Massive Waves Leave Oil Rig Workers in Terengganu Stranded, Petronas Sends Emergency Response Team - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter & Facebook

As Tropical Storm Pabuk closes in on Thailand, Terengganu has also been placed on high alert as it is expected to likely affect the north-eastern tip around Kuala Besut and parts of Kelantan.

The cyclone is expected to bring in waves as high as 7 metres and tourists in popular island destinations have begun to flee to the southern Thai mainland for safety.

Meanwhile, huge waves and strong winds are already rolling into Terengganu, leaving Petronas oil rig workers stranded. Thankfully, according to The Star, the situation is under control and all personnel are safe.

Petronas has already activated its Emergency Response Team to help the stranded personnel.

According to one of the men stranded at the oil rig, the wind was so strong that it had caused the entire structure to sway.

Videos of the strong waves surrounding the oil rig have also begun to circulate on social media, alarming Malaysian netizens.

Thankfully, wind speeds went down as the weather became a little calmer on Thursday (4th January).

Tropical Storm Pabuk is expected to hit Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao. According to the New Straits Times, this storm is also expected to reach the northern regions of Tioman and Bunguran, the east of Reef North, Layang-Layang, the north of Reef South, as well as Palawan in the Philippines.

We hope the stranded personnel are able to get back to the mainland safely with the help of the Emergency Response Team.

If you’re in any of the affected areas, please seek appropriate shelter from this storm. Stay safe, everyone!


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