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10 Little Gestures Men Do That Make Women Melt On the Inside



10 Little Gestures Men Do Which Make Women Fall in Love - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Huffington Post

Sometimes men think that all women look for in them are money, an athletic body, and supermodel facial features. However, the tiny gestures which guys do all the time (yet not realise) are actually charming enough to sweep a woman off her feet too.

10 Little Gestures Men Do Which Make Women Fall in Love - WORLD OF BUZZ

In Rocket News 24‘s recent article, they reported that a forum highlighted how a man who isn’t trying to look cool would appear to be the most attractive. Meaning don’t try so hard lah…

The forum began when Kozakura started a discussion titled “What are the little gestures and moments that make you think you could fall for a guy?”.

Here are some answers that were given by Japanese women – most of which I’m sure we can all relate to as well!

1. The look on his face when he’s doing something serious

When a man has his game face on while putting something together or getting repair work done, apparently it totally gets women excited because they look seriously sexy!


2. When he’s playing with an animal

No man could be more charming than when he is playing with cute little doggies, kitty cats or any other animals for that matter. The love they show to their furry friends is a prime example on how much more they can love someone (and that could be you). *winks*


3. When he is driving

Does it drive you crazy in a good way? Guys just look somewhat more irresistible when they are driving, particularly the focused look they have in their eyes when they’re checking the mirrors or the next lane before switching over.


4. Reaching for things on high places

When he reaches up to get something off a high shelf and hands it to the ladies. Hello, saviour…


5. Guys who are cool and quiet

There’s a mysterious air around guys who are more quiet/shy than others and don’t talk much as it often makes women gravitate towards them. There’s just something enigmatic about these cool men and women want to find out more!


6. Guys who only show their smile to people they’re really close to

Seeing someone almost always stoic and cold may be really cool, but the moment they flash that bright smile around their close friends and loved ones... just wow! Pretty sure it’ll set your heart racing! 


7. When he takes off his glasses

Whether he’s taking his spectacles off to rub his eyes, wipe the lenses or put eye drops, he absolutely looks smexy while doing so! How’s that even possible?!  


8. When he serves people

The way his hands look when he’s dividing a large plate of food for everyone at the table obviously shows he is kind and good at taking care of others. What a thoughtful man! 


9. His gallant stride

It’s like his attitude and life philosophy are all reflected in the way he walks. #Swag


10. The faraway look in his eyes

There’s something attractive about a guy who’s looking off into the distance. It’s like he’s getting ready to take on a big challenge, or chase after a fervent dream… or maybe he’s just admiring the view.

Either way, it just oozes sex appeal.


Well guys, before you jump on the hate wagon and say “It only applies to good looking men”, you actually don’t have to look like Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa or Johnny Depp just to be considered ‘attractive’.

That’s because your charming smile and little gestures are sometimes enough to make a woman fall in love with you. Also, remember, the harder you try, the less likely you’ll get her. So just relax, okay?

Ladies, do you all agree with this list? What else do you think is charming about a man? Share with us in the comment section!


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