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10 Malaysian Songs That You Need To Listen To From The Early 2000s



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Let’s see a show of hands, how many of you listen to Malaysian music?

We’re constantly told to sapot lokal and we truly should, because we have some amazing musicians representing the Malaysian music scene. And the best way to start recognising Malaysian music is to dabble into its history, but don’t worry, we won’t go too far back.

Here are 10 (plus a bonus!) not-so-old but truly golden Malaysian songs that got us to start listening to songs out of the Malaysian music scene.


Ash Nair – Crazy (featuring Mc Vandal)

Ash Nair first made it big back in 2005 when he had become one of the top 11 finalists on Malaysian Idol. His dreamy voice along with his flirty yet honest lyrics made this song one of the most repeatedF hits of the 2000’s.


Reshmonu – The Way It Makes You Move

Everyone knew Reshmonu (now known as Resh) as the out-of-this-world guy behind ‘Hey Waley’, but it was this song that got us sneakily staying up past our bedtimes to dance like there was no tomorrow.


Jason Lo – Evening News

Many might know Jason Lo as the former CEO of Tune Talk, but before that, he was the singing sensation known as LO. This hit would make us question anything we’ve been told and teaches us to embrace our truth.


Bunkface – Silly Lilly

This song may very well be the epitome of Malaysian English punk rock. Bunkface may also very well be the reason behind most of the teenage angst in Malaysia back then.


Caprice – Fantasy Girl

This number managed to get all the girls flustered not only because of its sultry beats but also leading man, Caprice, whose rhymes were just as sick.


OAG – 60’s TV

60’s TV is the song you need to listen to when you need a hit of nostalgia. Even until now, this song makes us wish we were born earlier than we were just so that we could be present during the music of this era.


Estrella – Stay

This song is on the list thanks to it’s addictive, feel-good tune and sultry lyrics which made us wish we had a love interest to sing it to while dancing in the moonlight.


Dj Fuzz (ft DJ Lethal Skillz & MC Moe) – KL to Beirut

Take a trip down the roads of KL with this song in your ear and watch the streets come alive with the hidden hip hop culture that makes Malaysian music just a hint more catchy.


K Town Clan – Come Get Some

K-Town Clan may very well be the baddest boys in the game thanks to their in-your-face approach to their songs, giving any listener a savage confidence boost.


Pop Shuvit – Old School Rocka

I only have my brother to thank for this one. Old School Rocka will make you want to get up on a chair and fight for your right to rock out, hard.


Bonus: MC Syze – Dancin’

The only reason why Dancin’ is a bonus song is because it’s not exactly an original number. The hook comes courtesy of the 70’s Irish girl band, The Nolans, but it’s what MC Syze did to it that makes it worthy of all the praise it deserves.


With all that’s said and sang, there are literally so many reasons to get into Malaysian music, but the one reason that stands out is that it’s just plain and simply, really, freaking good.

Supporting local doesn’t just mean local products or travelling within the country, there are many Malaysian artistes who need our attention when it comes to getting their artistry recognised and the least we could do is hear them out.

So, to all, we say; sapot lokal and open yourself up to embracing local music.


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