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These 10 Malaysian Wedding Card Invitations Are Epicly Creative



10 Malaysian Couples Have The Best Wedding Invitation Cards That Will Be Remembered Forever - World Of Buzz

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Our wedding ceremony is one thing we will all remember for the rest of our lives. It is our special day, right?

Whether we are already married or not, we definitely can agree that we want our special day to be remembered. Not just by us, but by everyone else too.

So, of course it is also the best occasion to bring about creativity to the ceremony! And a bunch of Malaysian couples have been doing it right.

These couples took into consideration every single detail in their wedding – right to the point of spicing up their wedding invitations.

Check out some of the most creative invitation cards below that will inspire you to get creative with your cards too.


1. Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Bill

Who would have thought the layout of your monthly electricity bill could make such an interesting invitation card. Perhaps the couple both work in TNB or perhaps they fell in love while paying for their bills?

Source: Moretify


2. Passport & Boarding Pass

You can see how much this couple loves travelling. So much so that they want their guests to feel like they are going on a holiday at their wedding too.

Source: Moretify


3. Boarding Pass

This invitation card looks to be more detailed and similar to a real boarding pass by Malaysia Airlines. But kudos to making such an epic card unlike the typical boring ones pre-prepared ones.

Source: Moretify


4. School Book

This invitation card seems to tell a beautiful story of how the couple met during their school days. Perhaps one day, one of them left their book behind and needed to borrow someone’s to avoid getting into trouble…and the partner was the one to do so. Awww….

Source: Moretify


5. Final Examination Paper

This one takes the cake, for sure. The couple turned a nightmare of exams into something to reminisce and laugh about for their guests.

Source: Moretify


6. Medicine Packet

This invitation card will ensure that all guests are high throughout the ceremony. High on happiness and joy of course!

Source: Moretify


7. Poslaju Package

Gotta mass send out invites all over Malaysia (and maybe even the world) right? Well, make it a 2-in-1 invite. Make your Poslaju packaging as your invitation cards too!

Source: Moretify


8. Football Ticket

This couple definitely are huge fans of football. No woman would have allowed this unless she was also a huge fan of the sport. I know I wouldn’t allow this for my wedding at least…

Source: Moretify


9. Apple iPhone

Huge fan of the iPhone? Then this is THE invitation card for you. You get to spread the religion of the iOS and the love for your god, Steve Jobs when you send these out.

Source: Moretify


10. Identification Card (IC)

Who would have thought an IC can be made into an invitation card too! This is definitely bringing creativity to the next level.

Source: Moretify

So I guess we all really gotta step up our invite game because those typical white, red, pink and gold cards are SO yesterday.

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