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10 Moments Our Frontliners Sacrificed Their Lives For Us & Why It’s So Important To Obey SOP



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The conditional movement control order (CMCO) has been set in place and people are out and about as businesses have started operating again. Trains and buses are filled again while roads are congested with traffic.

While the CMCO was implemented to save the country’s economy, there is still the concern of a resurgence of infections with so much of human movement going on outside. This is why the government has released standard operating procedures (SOP) that the public needs to adhere to and failure to do so will risk certain places facing closure.

The first day of CMCO (1 May) already saw crowds of people gathering at various locations in the Klang Valley which has caused a lot of worry among Malaysians. Many are afraid that there will be a spike in cases in two weeks to come and if social distancing is not practised, who knows it might actually happen.

This is where we need to think about who we’re doing this for. Why do we need to practise social distancing, and why do we need to strictly follow the SOPs? When the MCO first started, who were we staying at home for?

Well, it was for the ones risking their lives to fight Covid-19 in the country – our beloved frontliners who selflessly went to work every day. Which is why we need to be reminded of their dedication and sacrifice, and be mindful of them as we go out into the ‘outside world’.

We need to remember:

1. Our frontliner who continued to work despite being pregnant


2. Our Muslim frontliners who worked continuously while fasting for Ramadan


3. Our Food Panda rider who fell off his bike in the rain and got up to continue his delivery


4. Our GrabFood rider who continued to deliver his order even after getting into an accident


5. Or even our GrabFood rider who delivered food during MCO despite having no hands!!


Of course, we have to be reminded of:

6. Our 44 PDRM officers who get infected with Covid-19 while on duty


7. Our PDRM officer who was injured in the head after an MCO roadblock tent collapses on him


8. Our PDRM officer who slept in a tent outside his home so he wouldn’t infect his family


9. Our army officers who got vases, bottles and rubbish thrown at them while on duty 


10. And our army veterans who volunteered their services during the MCO

These are just a few among many other frontliners who have dedicated their lives to fight Covid-19 in Malaysia by putting themselves in the battle field. Let’s ensure that their sacrifice will not be for nothing and remember them whenever we go out.

If ever we think that following the SOP is inconvenient, let’s remember how inconvenient it was for our doctors to work tirelessly day and night treating patients, and how PDRM officers, army officers and food riders had to continue with their job in the hot blazing sun or in the heavy rain.

It is not just up to our frontliners, health director-general or prime minister to keep the spread of Covid-19 at bay. We all play important roles too and our country will not recover from this pandemic outbreak if we all don’t work together.

Share this article to spread more awareness and make this a reminder for everybody out there, that their sacrifices must all not be in vain!


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