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10 People On Cruise Found With Coronavirus, 3,700 Passengers Quarantined On Ship Indefinitely



10 People On Cruise Tested Positive With Coronavirus, 3,700 Passengers Quarantined On Ship Until Further Notice - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: DailyMail

The Wuhan virus has unfortunately struck again as an entire Japanese cruise ship has been taken hostage by the spread of the illness.

10 people aboard the luxury cruise ship, Diamond Princess, which ports at Yokohama, were found to be positive with coronavirus. Due to the fear of further spreading of the virus, the Japanese government has requested that all 3,700 passengers be quarantined on the ship until further notice.

Source: DailyMail

Source: DailyMail

As according to the Daily Mail, the ship was already in the process of being quarantined at the port when the 1st case was discovered. An 80-year-old man that had left the ship was found to be diagnosed with coronavirus. After calling for passengers to remain on the ship, medical teams dug further and encountered the 9 other patients.

Source: DailyMail

Source: DailyMail

The passengers of the cruise ship are currently confined in their rooms, making the normally bustling vessel a deserted one.

Source: DailyMail

Source: DailyMail

Among the 10 infected are 2 Australian guests, 3 Japanese guests, 3 guests from Hong Kong, 1 American guest and 1 crew member from the Philippines.

The 80-year-old man is currently reportedly in stable condition and his family members appear to be clean of the virus.

We hope that no one else contracts the virus and that they can return to their families as soon as possible.

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