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10yo Boy’s Sister Was Bullied in School So He Made an Anti-Bully System to Alert Teachers



This 10yo Won Two Awards For Creating Anti-Bullying Notification System For His School in Klang - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: FMT & Berita Harian

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This kid deserves more than just two awards if you ask me!

A 10-year-old boy couldn’t stand seeing his 8-year-old sister being a victim of bullies, so he decided to create an Anti-Bully Notification System to alert teachers whenever a student is being bullied within the school compound.

Umar Wafi Zulkafri stated that the idea of creating this innovation initially came from the constant cries and complaints from his sister, Iman Hasya who was often bullied by other students.

According to Berita Harian, this brilliant system was designed by four students – Umar, Iman, and two other friends, Muhammad Irfan Nazrin and Muhd Waseem Zainol who are both 12 years old and from Sekolah Rendah Islam Hira’ in Klang.

Source: NST

“This device comes with two buttons that will be placed around the school, including in classes and toilets.”

“Those who are bullied or has witnessed a bullying incident can press one of these two buttons,” said Umar.

One of the buttons is for verbal bullying while the other is for physical bullying, FMT reported.

A notification will be immediately sent to the teacher’s room and their mobile phones once the button is pressed. Even the location of the incident would be stated in the notification, to ensure immediate action could be taken.

Source: NST

Umar added that he plans to upgrade the system by placing CCTVs to assure that the evidence can be recorded.

Impressively, Umar Wafi and his team won the Gold Award and Best Performance Award at the 2018 International Stem Olympiad and Gold Award and Diamond Award at the Smart Selangor Young Innovator For Primary School.

The school’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics programme coordinator, Muhammad Fadhil Mahmud Fakri stated that the team started the project last year.

He then said that they are trying to expand his innovation by placing the system in all classes and locations where bullying commonly happens.

“As for now, there are only two classes that have been been equipped with the system and only the men’s teachers’ room will receive alerts from the system,” he said.

“We need at least RM1,500 to place it in 40 locations including four women’s teachers’ room,” Fadhil added.

Apart from that, several schools have expressed their interest in the Anti-Bully Notification System, however, they will ensure the system is installed and running smoothly in their school before implementing it anywhere else.

Kudos to the team for creating an amazing innovation at such a young age!


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