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10yo Girl Leaves Suicide Note Saying She Died to Make Her Mum “the Happiest Woman in the World”



10yo Girl Commits Suicide After Leaving Note Saying Her Death is a Gift For Her Mum - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Shutterstock / Daily Mail

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Suicide cases have been on the rise lately and sadly, the number of these cases keep growing all around the world. Recently, a 10-year-old girl allegedly committed suicide after leaving a heartbreaking letter for her mother, reported Mirror UK.

According to the report, the emergency service received a call which claimed that a young girl had hanged herself on 6 January 2019 during the Three Kings Day in Mexico.

FYI, the Three Kings Day is a festival where people exchange gifts with each other to honour the Three Wise Men. 

Source: Mirror

However, the joyous day quickly turned sour for the girl’s mother when she found her daughter in a cruel state. The girl left behind a letter in which she claimed that she was giving her mum “a great present” by taking her own life and also to make her mum the “happiest woman in the world.” 

The report revealed that the girl had blamed herself for her father leaving the family and she was convinced that she was the “pain” in her mum’s life. She also believed that she had ruined her mother’s life. Oh dear! 

Source: Daily Mail

A snippet from her devastating letter read,

“I am only a pain and a ruin in her life since I was born as I was the reason my dad left our house. I want to ask my mum to be calm, not to work a lot, the best present I can ask for is her happiness.”

“I hope someday you [her mum] remember me and in the sky, finally, you hug me. I think the best present for the Three Kings is if I kill myself.”

“As you always said to me, ‘I wish you had never been born’.”

“I love you so much, mum. I know the Three Kings do not exist but I give you this great present.”

As of now, local police have confirmed the poor girl’s death as “strangulation by hanging” and local reports revealed that they looking to charge the girl’s mother.

Hopefully, they will find a solution to this ASAP so the girl can rest in peace. In the meantime, if you think you need a sympathetic ear or if you know someone who needs help, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Befrienders at 603-79568145.


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