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11 Malaysian Clothing Brands You Should Know About



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The apparel industry is a very competitive one, we have brands from H&M to Uniqlo, TOPSHOP to Superdry. However, recently the local clothing label industry has been growing and there are many local brands that you’d want to consider the next time you’re looking to buy something new for your wardrobe.

1. Pestle & Mortar


The inevitable. You aren’t truly Malaysian if you have not heard about this label, either that or you probably lived in the cave all these while (I don’t judge). Pestle & Mortar is Malaysia’s number one street wear label that first started off at bazaars or festive markets, to their very own outlets.

Almost every Malaysians adore this brand because it embraces locality and instills a sense of pride to be Malaysian. As their saying go:

“The most ordinary and mundane things, sometimes defines who we really are, but more importantly, where we come from” – Pestle and Mortar.

pestle and mortar store 2pestle and mortar



2. The Swagger Salon

lansi swagger

The Swagger Salon was founded in 2010 and has managed to pique the attention of Malaysian youngsters by incorporating the tag ‘LANSI’ into their design. ‘LANSI’ became a trend among many Malaysians because of the local slang which meant “cocky” or “stuck up” in Cantonese.

“It has expanded beyond just housing the LANSI collection, creating new original lines Taikor and NSFW (Nice Shirt for Work) and selling a range of t-shirts, jackets, workwear, and accessories, in addition to the now notorious LANSI caps. The LANSI brand has since sold out all of its releases, been featured on national TV, censored on national TV, bootlegged by pirates, and established itself as the leading streetwear clothing brand in Malaysia.” – The Swagger Salon

lansi swag   swagger salon

lansi cap


3. Alamak Co.

alamak co

Alamak Co. was founded by Chern, or better known as Cloakwork, a graffiti artist that is responsible for several awesome street art around Malaysia. The brand’s mascot is an octopus hence it is incorporated in most of Alamak Co.’s designs.

alamakk   alamak

alamak bbq


4. Wear Òbliq


“Designed to conquer” since June 2012, Wear Obliq was founded to inspire people as much as they are dedicated to the fashion and lifestyle of its surroundings. Combining a great amount of quality and style in its products, Wear Obliq produces a collection of perfectly hand-made shirts as well as graphic tees, hoodies, headwear and accessories.

obliq4  obliq 1

obliq2 obliq1


5. Rated Studio


Rated Studio Apparel was born in April 29, 2010 and is based around Art, Design, Illustration, Photography and Fashion. The founders, Naz and Zul were university mates and they started the label as a small clothing business while they were still studying.

The label caught many young Malaysian’s attention with it’s simple yet beautiful designs and evolved into a independent graphic design and clothing company. Rated Studio’s mission is to create high quality apparels and grow the local brand to be on par with the internationals.

rated   rated3

rated4   rated5


6. Gifted Clothing

gifted apparel

Gifted was established in Kuala Lumpur about April of 2013. They aim to create high quality urban wear that is designed by hip-hop enthusiasts for people who want to have a little hip-hop and swag in their wardrobe. Gifted echoes its mantra: “Seek and Recruit the Gifted”, in hopes of creating a community of Malaysia’s most inspiring individuals. They are all about being proud – of your roots, your accomplishments, and who you are – and making sure everyone knows it.

They are about to launch their new line in April this year, so make sure to stay tune and check it out!

gifted clothing   gifted clothing2

gifted apparel 2


7. Horský


Horský is Malaysian’s new and upcoming apparel label which was established at the end of 2014. Their debut collection, The Beginning Series represents the birth of Horský and also the first step of their journey. The series’ expresses the message of being made from and for adventure, with the ideas of travel and exploration; to push oneself to chase their dreams and experience everything that this life has to offer.

Horsky   horsky3




8. The Garment


The Garment Clothing was established in 2013 and is an independent brand driven by passion for street style.

“Inspired by the aquatic life, The Garment Clothing drops a collection of tees binging in the marine colours of blues, black and grey. The Garment accentuate Japanese traditional styles in their “Noise Of Nature” collection which gives in more blend of contemporary design.” – Masses

the garment3   the garment2

the garment   11018838_449641008517941_1354779070082109655_o


9. Tarik Jeans


Tarik Jeans was founded in 2010 and they aren’t your ordinary denim label. Their fashion is imbued with philosophy to connect with the youth and it aims to be as much of a movement as it is a brand. The label instills a strong message as to embrace cultural diversity without feeling contrived. Far from being an extension of a certain nationwide campaign, this brand is here to remind the younger generation of how united we were even before the propagandising began.

tarik2   tarik4

tarik   tarik3



10. RARE Clothing

rare clothing1

Founded in September 2010, RARE Clothing Co. is an independent Malaysian clothing brand that aspires to refine daily life by delivering premium, timeless products and ideas that transcend the realms of art and fashion. The RARE collection includes pieces that are utilitarian, yet refined; an orchestrated ensemble of headwear, tees, accessories and cut & sew pieces.

rare clothing  rare clothing3  rare clothing5



11. Attack Apparel

attack apparel

Founded in 2009, Attack Apparel is one of Malaysia’s fastest-growing clothing brands with their ambitious collections of extremely detailed graphic tees (for men and women alike), hoodies, denim pants and caps as well as merchandise such as posters, mugs and iPhone cases. The brand has since expanded their reach to the worldwide market and boasts a reputable clientele that includes Malaysia’s Queen of Rock Ella and Anth Alonso from Spanish rock band, Lancaster.

attack apparel 4  attack apparel 2 attack apparel3   attack


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