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11 Unique USB Designs That Will Definitely Make You Want One



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Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a small and portable device used to store information. It’s size which contributes to its mobility enables people to transfer and save files any where. From being incorporated into a Lego to a plush toy, you can find just about any design for a USB. Below is a list of some of the most unique USB designs:


1. Message in a Bottle

bottle usb

A cork USB nestling on a glass bottle. It is cool to have, but is an even cooler gift. Write your message or wish and place it inside the bottle to be uncovered!


2. Batman Spotlight



Plug in your USB and the spotlight will come on, signalling for Batman. It’s a cool gadget to have it placed in your room. Learn to DIY here.


3. Steampunk Cufflinks


Designed by Rob Smith, Deviantart user back2root, he handmakes these eccentric looking USBs which doubles as a cufflink! Feel like a spy whenever you put these on!


4. Silver Cufflinks 

cufflinks 2


Steampunk not your style? Fret not, cufflinks.com has plenty of classic designs to choose from. Unfortunately, they don’t come cheap.


5. Empty Memory


Created by Logical Art Design LTD, these modern and sleek looking 8Gb USBs come in 6 designs. Designs made from stainless steel cost about RM200, while ones made from black rhodium and rose gold are about RM245.


6. Mimobot


Mimobot is a USB series by Boston-based design house, Mimoco. Mimoco fuses the art of contemporary characters into USBs with their mission to bring style and soul to consumer electronics. You may find characters from Adventure Time, Star Wars, DC Comics, Hello Kitty, Tokidoki, and Star Trek!


7. Gigs 2 Go


Featured as a Kickstarter project, these USBs are made from recycled paper! Each of these little flash drives are able to hold up to 8GB of data. Not only are they eco-friendly, these devices cost lesser than your usual USBs. Although the material used to make them are paper, the designers made sure to make them water resistant. Genius!


8. Paisley Bracelet


Be fashionable when storing your data, photos and music.


9. Swarovski pendant


swarovski 2


Like something fancier? Or maybe you have extra money to blow? Swarovski creates these necklaces which are to die for.


10. Transformer USB




11. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife


The Swiss Army Knife is originally used in the war, to aid soldiers in opening canned food and disassembling rifles. With the growth in technology in this generation, having a USB prepared can definitely save a life!



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