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11-year-old Thai Girl Completes 6 Courses in Her Law Degree, Earns 36 Credit Hours



11-year-old Thai Girl Already Completes 6 Courses, Earns 36 Credit Hours in Her Law Degree - World Of Buzz 1
Source: Facebook

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I swear kids nowadays are getting smarter.

Just days ago, an 11-year-old girl from Thailand has earned the world’s respect when it was revealed that she is in the midst of obtaining herself a law degree.

This news came to light when Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (STOU) announced that Supanida Apaiwong had passed two more courses this semester, namely ‘Public Law’ and ‘Introduction to Management’.

Source: Facebook

To date, Supanida has completed six courses and earned 36 credits to her name. Omg, how young did she start? 

According to Bangkok Post, Supanida first took a pre-degree programme when she was nine years old. The programme offered by STOU is suitable for students of all ages and it aims to prepare students for their upcoming degree courses.

Since the programme is a distance education programme, Supanida could study at the comfort of her home, but the exam must be taken at a designated location.

The standard-five girl who is still studying at Rattana Suksa School has no problem in coping with her studies, as she practises a high level of self-discipline. This is the reason she was chosen as the role model by STOU, showing that age should not be a stumbling block to education.

Her mother also revealed when Supanida’s talent was first discovered.

“When she was eight years old and studying in standard 2, she was already proficient in writing. So I started searching activities for her, but I didn’t want her to take part in academic competitions because that would be too much for her.”

And getting a law degree isn’t? LOL

She waited for a year in order to make sure Supanida was ready for more challenging subjects. Then, she enrolled her in the pre-degree programme at STOU.

Source: Eduzones

“She was excited. She told me she wanted to go for it.” 

In fact, her first test in the university was a subject related to ‘life skills’. What does a kid know about life?

She passed the subject.

Although going for a law degree at such a young age is uncommon, her mother stressed that the education didn’t put a lot of stress on her daughter.

“My daughter lives a normal life in the countryside. She spends her time eating, learning, playing and having fun like other ordinary girls,” she said.

After her story blew up on social media, many netizens saw her as a source of inspiration and motivation. “If she can do it, I can too,” a netizen said.

Meanwhile, some were stunned by how cleaver the girl is. “When I was 9, I thought I was a genius for memorising the times table,” another netizen commented.

Her achievement is certainly amazing and inspiring. We’d like to wish her best of luck for her remaining subjects and future endeavors.


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