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12 Youtube Channels That Will Surely Pass Your Time



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To put it ever so gently, I am a frequent Youtube viewer. I can probably binge watch Youtube content for hours at a time, wishing that I had a better chair for my computer. Gone were the days when TV was the medium for entertainment, news and everything in between. With the creation of Youtube and other streaming services available on the internet, the television is becoming more and more obsolete.

Being a self-proclaimed professional Youtube viewer, I have watched a lot of talented and interesting people to come through this exciting medium. I have compiled 10 of my personal favourite Youtube channels to past your time. Before I continue on however, I am skipping PewDiePie and NigaHiga because of they are already massively popular. Having said that, feel free to look themup if you have never heard of them (highly unlikely though). I will also provide links to their channels for your convenience!


1. Good Mythical Morning

a typical GMM set featuring Rhett & Link

A typical GMM set featuring Rhett & Link

Good Mythical Morning is a show led by two Internetainers, Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal. Known by their catchier nicknames Rhett and Link, they host a morning internet show that talks about a variety of topics; from 7 Unbelievable Sunburns to The Most Honest Man In the World to a taste test called ‘Will It Cookie?’. Their on screen chemistry (or sometimes lack of chemistry) is an enjoyable thing to watch. They are also quite gifted singers as they have made hilarious songs on their other Youtube channel, Rhett and Link.

Check out their main channel here, and their second channel here.


2. Matthew Santoro

Matthew Santoro

That disturbing smiling face can haunt your dreams, and make jokes while he’s at it

A vlogger from Canada who made his debut as a Youtuber in 2010, only wanted to entertain people with his awkward Canadian accent and bad video editing. He is now a Youtube sensation, banking in about 4.3 million subscribers as of June 2015. His videos are mainly top 10 lists that is made more interesting than it already is because of his..well..awkward Canadian accent and bad video editing..In all seriousness though, his personality and humbleness on screen is what makes him one of the most successful Youtubers now.

Check him out here!


3. Bad Lip Reading

A Michael Buble Haven't Met You Yet spoof called 'Russian Unicorn'

A Michael Buble Haven’t Met You Yet spoof called ‘Russian Unicorn’

“An evil genius!” a quote made by singer Michael Buble on this particular Youtube channel. Bad Lip Reading has completely change the musical spoof genre on Youtube. Instead of a vlogger talking in front of the camera and making you laugh, this Youtuber takes music videos of various recording artists and completely change the music and lyrics to make a new song. Here’s where the genius of it comes in, the song will make zero sense but still made to look like the original singer is actually singing nonsense. He also recreate videos of scenes cut from movies such as Hunger Games. See for yourself and I can bet my bottom dollar you won’t just see one video from Bad Lip Reading.

Check out the channel here!


4. Vsauce/Vsauce2/Vsauce3

from the left: Michael Stevens, Kevin Lieber, Jake Roper

from left: Michael Stevens, Kevin Lieber, Jake Roper

Okay maybe I am cheating a bit on this one, but choosing between 3 of this Youtube channels is impossible as all of them brings something totally different to the table yet deriving from the same base of topic. SCIENCE. Vsauce, hosted by Michael Stevens is a more serious and deep discussion about everyday experience we have as people. Titles like The Science of Awkwardness and Why Are We Morbidly Curious are indication that you are in for a a hell of a ride into the science behind human behaviour. Vsauce2, hosted by Kevin Lieber is a channel dedicated to current science news, breakthroughs and future possibilities.  Vsauce3 which is led by Jake Roper however takes a turn towards the lighter side of science, discussing the science behind video game worlds and trying to make the nonsensical, make sense.

Link: Vsauce, Vsauce2, Vsauce3


5. Wisecrack


Garyx Wormuloid and Sparky Sweets, PhD.

Wisecrack appears to definitely be the underdog in this list. With around 400,000 subscribers, it is considered a lesser known Youtube channel as oppose to more popular ones. yet what they lack in subscribers they make up with quality content that is funny and smart at the same time. I would like to highlight 2 of their shows under the Wisecrack channel, Thug Notes and Earthling Cinema. Thug Notes is a show where the host, Sparky Sweets, PhD. gives his analysis on favourite books through the years in his best ghetto-thug-gangster lingo. The juxtaposition between the language used and the intelligent analysis is certainly a unique mix. Earthling Cinema on the other hand is hosted by Garyx Wormuloid, an alien from the future who has misleading understanding of earthling movies from the past. Both are very good shows that is certainly worth a look.

Check them out here!


6. Cyanide & Happiness

Cyanide and Happiness

This is by far not the most suitable content on Youtube for children. Cyanide & Happiness started out as a series of web comics created by Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick and formerly Matt Melvin. The comic ran from 2005 until present day. The dark humour and sometimes depressing comics are what sets this apart from other web comics. The comics were brought to life in the form of animation in 2009 when Explosm Entertainment was created for Youtube. With 4 million subscribers, the animation shorts still keep its dark and unexpected humour for all of Youtube to enjoy. Again to tell the foretold, this content is directed to mature audience and should not be shown by children (or our parents!).

Check the channel out here!


7. Key and Peele

Mr. Barack Obama and his anger translator, Luther

Mr. Barack Obama and his anger translator, Luther

They are probably the best comedy duo of our time, in my sincere opinion. Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele is a couple of comedians who are currently hosting a show on Comedy Central. Now the show is technically not a shoe created specifically for Youtube, but the mere existence of their comedy skits on Comedy Central’s Youtube channel made it worth it to subscribe to it. Their funny anecdotes and sketches were recently recognized by the President of The United States himself, Barack Obama. One of their most popular sketches involves Barack Obama and his Anger Translator, Luther. The sketch is made to parody the president’s speeches on certain topics but with his anger translator saying what the president would really want to say deep down. Its a hilarious show that needs more recognition.

Look out for their channel here.


8. vlogbrothers

Hank Green and John Green

Hank Green and John Green on vlogbrothers

Have you ever heard of the book The Faults In Our Stars? or recently watched the movie of the same name? Well if you did you probably know the author of the book, John Green. What people might not know however that John Green alongside his brother Hank Green started vlogbrothers in 2007, well before The Faults In Our Stars were considered to be a movie. Brothers John and Hank are two brothers with very different outlook in life, yet they have the same charm and way of thinking that made them so damn lovable. They are both producers of various Youtube channels including Sci Show, and Mental Floss and Crash Course. The back and forth between these two brothers in vlogbrothers really capture their essence of knowledge in a very fun and approachable way.

Check them out here!


9. Paint

Jon Cozart

After Ever After, Jon Cozart’s most popular Youtube video

Creator Jon Cozart was once a kid just like any other kid, who had an interest in making Youtube videos. The first video he made was a World War 2 satire made for his History class in school. Since then he had transform himself to become one of the most watched singers on Youtube. His ‘After Ever After’ parody of Disney songs was watched for a total of 51,605,877 times as of me writing this article. Although he has since been quiet from singing, he does have a second channel named PAINTCHIPS, where he does a more typical style of vlogging with some singing thrown in as well.

Check out his fantastic singing here!


10.The Fine Bros

Rafi Fine & Benny Fine at the 2010 Streamy Awards

Rafi Fine & Benny Fine at the 2010 Streamy Awards

The Fine Brothers are in no need of any introduction. Probably one of the most hard working people amongst the Youtubers, They churn out 3 to 4 videos a week every week and has around 12 million subscribers. Their most popular series on their channel, the react series, generates most of their views. The react series consists of Kids React, Teens React, Youtubers React, and Elders React. The shows basically gather a group of people of the same demographic to react to popular videos of today. The reaction from these people is what really makes the show works, especially the Kids and Elders reaction.

Catch their videos here!


11. Swoozie


Claims to be a Vlogger / Time traveler / Professional cuddler / Professional Gamer

Adande Thorne aka Swoozie does animation on his channel, with a focus on giving advice and also storytell his past experiences. His charming character would craft the story in a way that his audience is always captivated. One of his famous videos is the one telling viewers about his experiences when he was working in DisneyWorld! and boyyyy, wouldn’t you like to know what exactly happens?

Check out his channel here!


12. Film Cow


Charlie the Unicorn and two other annoying ones

If you’ve watched ‘Charlie the Unicorn’, then you may or may not have known that it’s from the channel, Film Cow. If you haven’t, then STOP whatever you’re doing right now and get to it! Film Cow dedicated his channel creating badly drawn animations with dark humour. Most of his videos will leave you going “WHAAAATTT??”, and doesn’t that sound like a treat?

Check out his dark videos here.

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