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14yo Indonesian Boy Cycles Under The Hot Sun Selling Kuih To Make A Living For His Family



Source: Rahmadi

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While most of us are working from the comforts of our own homes, there are still many out there who are struggling to survive, unsure as to when their next meal will be.

And what makes it worse is that a portion of them are children.

Indonesia content creator, Rahmadi, took to his Instagram account to showcase a little 14-year-old boy who cycles around Barabai, Indonesia, selling pastries after his father had lost his job.

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Disaat anak seumurnya merasakan asiknya bermain dengan teman-temannya atau serunya bermain gadget,dia malah harus berpeluh untuk bertahan hidup. Namanya Muhammad Haiqal,usianya 14 tahun,dia tinggal dirumah sewaan di gang Hijrah,Kitun,kelurahan Barabai Darat,Kalsel. Sejak korona sang ayah yg dulunya pekerja buruh bangunan tidak memiliki pekerjaan lagi. Diapun akhirnya ikut bekerja berjualan kue. Beberapa kali dia lewat ditoko saya demgan pulang jam 10 malam lebih. Menurut penuturannya jam 4 pagi dia sudah turun berjualan kue sampai habis sekitar jam 10an atau jam 11an siang. Setelah itu jam 2an siang dia kembali lagi bejualan sampai malam. Kegigihan Haiqal bekerja mungkin masih belum seperti harapaan yg ia dapat,karena impiannya adalah ingin memiliki HP entah itu HP apa aja masih belum terwujud. Jika melihat anak ini bantu belikan kue jualannya,sebab hasil penjualan pedagang seperti ini bukan untuk memupuk kekayaan,tapi cuma untuk bisa bertahan hidup. 📍 Barabai,Kalimantan Selatan.

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He wrote, “Most children his age would prefer to play with their friends or with gadgets, but he has to sweat to survive. His name is Muhammad Haiqal and he is 14-years-old. He lives in a rented home in the Hijrah alley in South Kalimantan. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, his father who used to work as a construction worker no longer had a job. Hence, he resorted in selling local pastries.”

He shared that the little boy would be out of the house at four in the morning to start selling the pastries and would only return home at night.

“According to him, he would leave his house at 4am to sell the pastries until they would run out by 10am or 11am. After that, at two in the afternoon, he would be back on the streets selling the pastries until nightfall. Haiqal’s persistence in working may not be as he expected as his dream is to own a cellphone, any cellphone, and he hasn’t achieved that yet,” he added.

Rahmadi, who was also an underprivileged child, shared the boy’s story (and many others) in hopes to shed light on those who are a lot less fortunate than we are. Rahmadi was born to a father who was a garbage disposal man and a mother who sold fried food, and always believed in helping others who are less fortunate than him.

“If you ever see this boy, do help buy his pastries, for the revenue of such traders is not to cultivate wealth but to survive.”

Hence, we should all consider purchasing food and drinks from roadside and traffic light vendors more often as you won’t know how one small purchase can help someone’s day.

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