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16 Nostalgic Moments All Malaysians Who Wore White Shoes to School Can Relate To



16 Nostalgic Moments Only People Who Wear White School Shoes Before Can Understand - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Remember how we used to put on our white school shoes before boarding the school bus and how we have to tread carefully to maintain its whiteness for as long as possible? Ah, the good old days… 

Source: Blogspot

Well, 2019 kids will never understand how we felt back then because Education Minister Dr Maszlee has recently announced that all Malaysian students must wear black shoes starting 2019. So, before the black shoes kick in, we decided to reminisce on some of the most nostalgic moments we had when wearing these white school shoes and here are some of the #throwback situations we’ve gone through.

See how many you can relate to or are even guilty of! 😛


1. Cleaning your shoes every damn weekend

Yup, you gotta do what you gotta do, unless you want to go through two hours of non-stop nagging from your mum. 

Source: Blogspot

Pro tip: Wash your shoes latest by Saturday evening if you want them to be dry by Monday morning – just in time for school!


2. Using a hair dryer to dry your shoes because they’re still slightly damp

The feeling of damp feet in almost-dry shoes is just so uncomfortable and even disgusting at times. Not to mention, your shoes and feet will be stinky afterwards!

Source: Blogspot

So, trust this good old trick!


3. Putting your shoes behind the fridge to make them dry faster

This trick never really worked for us though, how did it work out for you?

Source: Blogspot


4. Waiting for your shoes to dry only to get them wet again by applying shoe whitener 

Our parents would usually get these shoe whiteners in a packet of three, since we always go through one bottle in no time!

Source: Blogspot


5. Stepping into mud or a puddle of water ONE day after you’ve washed your shoes 

Why do I even… uuurrrggghhhh.

Source: Buzzkini


6. Giving up on washing your shoes because they’re going to be dirty anyway

I mean, why even bother right? It’s like making your bed only for it to be messy all over again. 

In fact, our editor-in-chief said: “It’s memorable to have it dirty because udgaf!”. #badass


7. Cutting corners and applying shoe whitener without washing the shoes first

Don’t lie, you’ve done this before, right? 

Source: Blogspot


8. Only playing Pepsi-Cola on Fridays because your shoes will get dirty after the game 

Oh, you forgot how the game works? Let’s do a quick recap. 

  • Gather your squad and stand in a ring
  • After chanting ‘Pepsi, cola 1,2,3″, you jump one step backwards and away from each other
  • Choose a friend and aim nicely at their foot
  • Jump and try to kick the said foot (so long as there is contact!)
  • If you’re the target, you need to avoid getting kicked or face elimination
  • The last man standing wins

Source: Jinny Boy Tv

Do you still remember your Pepsi-Cola squad? Tag them in the comments!


9. Hardest decision ever: velcro or lace-up?

School shoes with velcro straps may be convenient, but they do look rather childish if you ask us. Lace-ups on the other hand, require you to have above-average motor skills but at least you’d look way cooler and more grown-up in school!

This or that? | Source: Qoo100 / Ali Express

When it’s time to transition into high school, you know it’s time to upgrade to lace-ups. Otherwise, shame shame weyh!


10. Tucking the extra bits of the shoelace into the shoes like how you push all your life problems away

Out of sight, out of mind, right? 

Source: You Look Fab


11. Upping your shoelace game to get more street cred

To #slay in school, all you had to do was be creative in the way you tied your shoelace, such as this ketupat style! Did you do this in school to be the cool kid?

Source: Youtube


12. Best excuse to ponteng sekolah – “My shoes are still wet”

Source: Blogspot

We’re not condoning you to play truant though…


13. When you come out of the library and can’t remember which shoes are yours, because they all look the same

Source: Carousell

Anyone of you wrote your name in the soles? Raise your hands! 


14. Doodling on your shoes on the last day of school

Source: Youtube

Or maybe getting signatures from your BFFs!


15. Having a pair of back-up shoes for rainy days, literally

Source: Baca Terus

…But because you take things for granted, you end up getting the back-up shoes dirty as well, which is not supposed to happen. And now you have to wash two pairs of shoes at once. #LIFE


16. Confirm kena scold by parents when you ask them for new shoes 

“Why are you feet always growing?”

“Your feet got blade is it?”

“You think money grows on trees?”

Hands to our heart, we had no idea how our shoes could get damaged so easily in just six months. We really don’t.


How many of these can you relate to? Also, did we miss out on any other nostalgic moments? Tell us some of your most nostalgic memories of wearing white school shoes in the comments!


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