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18yo Student Kills Man Who Raped His Mom Six Years Ago After Stalking Him For a Month



18yo Teen Stabs A Man To Death Who Raped His Mother Six Years Ago - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Surabaya.Tribbunnews &TheNewPaper

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The love between a mother and child goes beyond our understanding sometimes. They have nurtured us since we were nothing but a seed in their belly till well after we grow taller than them. Same goes for children, and one of our biggest fears is our mom growing older and leaving us. This teenager proved his love for his mom by plotting revenge for the injustice that happened to his mom six years ago.

Maulud Riyanto, 18, is a vocational student from Gempol, Pasuran, Indonesia who was arrested last Tuesday, 17th December. The reason for his arrest was because he had stabbed Yasin Fadilla, 49, on Monday, 16th December. The incident happened when Yasin was leaving his house on his motorcycle to go to a neighbours house. There, he was stopped by an unknown person who stabbed him viciously.

Yasin later died in the hospital due to severe bleeding. At first, the identity of the stabber was unknown, but it was later revealed to be Maulud Riyanto as he already a motive to attack Yasin. Surabaya.Tribbunews reported that Maulud was arrested when he was fleeing to Kendiri. His motive for the attack? Yasin raped Maulud’s mom six years ago, and he couldn’t forget the traumatising incident.

“I’ve had a grudge on him since I was 12 when I found out he raped my mom!”

Maulud said that he had heard of the issue when he was in elementary school, and although at that time the neighbourhood elders ‘resolved’ the problem between Yasin and Maulud’s mother, he still couldn’t forgive the monster. He planned the ultimate revenge for a month by spying on Yasin. He monitored his movements and even prepared a knife to stab him.

Maulud’s love for his mother is a testimony to all of us. He couldn’t stand the thought of his mother suffering and immediately wanted to get back at one who abused her, waiting patiently to make sure justice was served.


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