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19 Things Only Malaysian Girls Who Go Clubbing Will Understand



19 Things Only Malaysian Girls Who Go Clubbing Will Understand - World Of Buzz 2
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1. When the group you club with says that bills are split among males only

Guys like to jaga girls ma and we love them for it! We also like to be taken care of once in awhile!


2. The degree of fun you’ll have = the amount of drinks you took


3. Treatment from guys depend on the presence of your boyfriend

See how I didn’t say “relationship status” but “the presence of your boyfriend”? You know it’s true.

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter whether you’re single or in a relationship when you’re in a club. As long as you’re alone, guys would usually try their luck with you.


4. Being extra careful with guys you meet at the club

Whether they are date material or not, it wouldn’t hurt to be extra careful. This is usually followed with a little bit of Facebook stalking.

19 Things Only Malaysian Girls Who Go Clubbing Will Understand - WORLD OF BUZZ 4


5. The creeps

Having someone latching their eyes on you or attempt to hold you is something girls have to deal with every. damn. time.


6. The struggle of wearing heels

Walking, dancing, standing for a whole night in heels can be torture. But it’s worth it because it makes us look fabulous af *tears*


7. Going to the toilet is the absolute WORST

When your bladder starts calling you to go to the toilet, that’s one of the worst feelings ever because you know damn well that it’ll take at least 10 minutes until you get to pee. The line to the toilet is always so long you probably wished girls could use urinals too. Hence, warning, never hold your bladder until it’s full or the wait will definitely be torture.

kill me now movies reaction awkward awkward moment


8. Strict parents mean having “sleepovers” instead

We don’t condone lying to your parents but it’s a common excuse for girls who have parents that restrict them from partying.


9. Telling yourself you’re not gonna drink a lot

But probably end up doing so anyway.


10. Girls are the best company

You’d think the as girls, we’d like to party with guys more. But on the contrary! Partying with chicks beat dicks any day! From giggles to dancing, what’s not to love?

19 Things Only Malaysian Girls Who Go Clubbing Will Understand - World Of Buzz 1


11. The saying “I’m cold” automatically translates to “not enough to drink”

We wanna look sexy in our bare shoulder dress and mini skirts. Too bad the club always gets too cold for us though.. until you have enough to drink that is.

19 Things Only Malaysian Girls Who Go Clubbing Will Understand - World Of Buzz


12. You are the first person in your group to be on the dance floor

We also don’t understand the words “I don’t dance”. What does it even mean?


13. You are a different person by day

People who has never seen you club will be surprised to see the different side of you.


14. Clubbing is somehow the go-to after a break up


15. But it’s probably not the best idea


16. How we think we look when dancing

vs how we really look like


17. That giddy and excited feeling when we make eye contact with a cute guy

If you guys think you’re power to get the chick, here’s the truth for y’all: we lured you with our electrifying gaze and cute smile to get you coming our way.


18. Most likely kissed a girl on the lips before

Image source: edmdroid


19. Waking up regretting the things you’ve done the night before

Being in an alcohol-induced state of mind, there has been things that we’ve done which we’re not too proud of. Not to mention the hangover that came with it!


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