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19yo Watches Dramas in Bed Every Day & Doesn’t Exercise, Gets Stroke & Almost Dies



19yo Guy Gets Almost Dies After Getting Stroke From Lying in Bed all Day Watching Dramas - WORLD OF BUZZ
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A 19-year-old guy almost lost his life when he got a stroke from watching drama series on his bed for long periods of time.

According to Oriental Daily, the man from Jiangsu Province, China was diagnosed with cerebral infarction (commonly known as stroke) – a condition where the arteries supplying blood and oxygen to the brain become narrow or blocked. This was after he started feeling weakness in his right limbs and began experiencing slurred speech.

The man then had to undergo an operation where doctors discovered that his blood vessels had no elasticity and that he had atherosclerosis – a disease where plaque, made up of fat cholesterol and calcium, builds up inside the arteries.

Source: Line Today

Doctors wondered how the patient had developed this disease as it is most commonly found in people aged over 50 years old. Later, they questioned the guy and found out that it was related to his lifestyle.

It was reported that the guy did not have a healthy lifestyle at all. In addition to his smoking habits, he did not exercise and admitted that he would always lie on his bed and watch dramas after eating every day. 

Doctors said that he weighed over 100kg and often lay on his side while watching dramas, which had caused the weakness in his limbs before he was diagnosed with cerebral infarction.

Source: Line Today

“Time is very important for stroke treatment, because every minute after you have a stroke, 1.9 million neurons die,” said Dr. Physician, Deputy Director of Interventional Radiology at Jiangsu People’s Hospital.

It’s not known how the guy is doing after the operation, but we know one thing for sure – laying in bed all day is not good for your health, especially if it’s an everyday thing.

There has to be some sort of movement in your body so that your arteries won’t get a build-up of substances that will block the blood flow to your brains.


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