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1yo M’sian Baby & Mum in Emergency Ward After Drunk Driver Hits Them and Other Pedestrians



Source: Berita Harian and Confirm Biosciences

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Alcohol is often linked with improved health and its ability to offer numerous health benefits. There are plenty of studies that link between health benefits and alcohol consumption in small amounts. However, things quickly spiral out of control when alcohol is consumed without moderation. Abuse of alcohol may potentially land ourselves and the people around us in danger.   


According to an article published by Berita Harian, a dangerous accident took place yesterday at Alor Setar as a result of driving under the influence. An emergency call received at 11.34pm led the response unit to the scene of two vehicles and 4 pedestrians that were involved in this accident on Persiaran Sultan Abdul Halim. The crash first happened when a black BMW hit the back of a van as it was exiting the street of Sultan Hamid 3. 

The impact of this crash then caused the BMW to lose control and swerve. The car then hit 4 pedestrians that were in close proximity. The van also got turned upside down from the impact of the BMW. 

Unfortunately, those involved did not escape unscathed from this accident. Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah is currently housing and providing medical treatment for all the pedestrians that were injured. Bashirah Mohd Yazid, aged 31, and her child, aged 12, were found severely injured and are currently receiving medical treatment in the emergency unit. The other two pedestrians received minor injuries and received treatment as well.

The driver of the BMW is currently receiving treatment in a private hospital.

Kota Setar’s District Police Lead and Assistant Commissioner Mohd Rozi Jidin stated that initial inspection proved the BMW driver was indeed under the influence of alcohol and is set to be further investigated under the law.

Reckless driving can cost the lives of many people. Drivers should be considerate when driving in the roads to avoid putting many lives at risk, including theirs too!


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