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2 Entrepreneurs Create ‘Leather’ From Cactus In An Effort To Save Billions Of Animals



Source: LiveKindly & Reddit

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Everyone loves a good leather bag or a jacket, but unfortunately, it’s known that the leather industry kills billions of animals for their skin.

But that’s not all, folks. Leather also has an immense effect on the environment considering the treatment process of the leather exposes a ton of chemicals to their surroundings, which also causes the leather to become non-biodegradable.

Even faux leathers that environmentalists and vegans enjoy using are made from plastics that can’t be broken down after disposal.

Source: GreenMatters

However, all of that may be a thing of the past.

2 entrepreneurs, Adrian Lopez Velarde and Marte Cazarez may have found the solution with their company, Adriano Di Marti, where they’ve formulated a brand-new tactic for creating organic, eco-friendly fabrics using cactus leaves called Desserto, as according to IndiaTimes.

Source: IndiaTimes

Cacti have always been known for their rugged nature considering their hard, thick and pointy exterior, but, after being fully processed, it actually feels like leather.

Moreover, the company has also incorporated natural dyes when processing the cactus-leather, which also makes the material last almost as long as a decade! And because it’s made from a plant, it’s partially biodegradable.

Source: Reddit

The best part though may be the fact that the cactus-leather is almost the same price as real leather!

Since then, the creators have adapted their cactus-leather into car seats, bags, shoes and even clothes.

I definitely need to get a cactus-leather jacket for myself.

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