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“200 Covid-19 Positive People Identified” – Here’s Why You NEED To Use The MySejahtera App



Source: WOB

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Our government did an amazing job at handling the pandemic. One of the swift actions taken was developing the MySejahtera App and implementing it throughout retail stores so individuals who have possibly come in contact with a Covid-19 positive person can be identified straight away!

However, MANY are too lazy to use the app still. So, we’re here to remind on why you should really check yourself in diligently:

1. To be informed if someone infected was at the same place you were

That’s the whole point of contact tracing! If you do not check in and leave your particulars, you’ll be putting your own health at risk as authorities aren’t able to detect that you were even at a spot in the first place!

As mentioned by the app,

“Your information will be used by the MOH to help them plan their resources and actions that they need to take efficiently. So please be honest when you submit your information. Honesty will help flatten the curve.”


2. Stay contactless

To check in, all you need to do is:

  1. Open the app
  2. Click ‘check-in’
  3. Scan the QR code
  4. Done!

There will be no need holding the pen which has been in contact with hundreds of people before you! You never know when you’re at risk!


3. Over 200 people infected with Covid-19 was detected

According to the National Cyber Security Agency, MySejahtera has identified over 200 Covid-19 positive individuals, reports Awani.

With over 180,000 premises implementing this contact tracing initiative, checking-in is one way users can take care of their own health and ensure they’ll get notified the second MOH detects a new case or cluster.


4. All information are kept confidential

If you’re identified as a Covid-19 patient, don’t worry as there’s a confidentiality clause for using the app.


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