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21yo Malaysian Shares Why Women Should Always Go For Check-Ups After Discovering 10cm Cyst



Source: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels & Provided to WOB

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Disclaimer: This story was written and shared to WORLD OF BUZZ by a reader to create awareness. Any names* that may have been changed are for privacy reasons.

How often do you go for your medical check-up? 

A reader has submitted a story to us about her own medical experience. She hopes that her story will make people more aware of the importance of medical check-ups.

She starts off by saying,

“Don’t ever think that you’re young, you’re healthy or you don’t have a sex life so you don’t have to do any checkup. Things can happen unexpectedly. Don’t wait till it’s too late.”

She then recounted her own experience: ” Everything started when I had my period again, 2 weeks after my ACTUAL period. I was so scared, so I went to the obstetrics and gynaecology clinic.”

“The doctor used the ultrasound to check my ovaries & uterus and he found out that I have a 10cm water cyst on my ovary which has to be operated immediately.”

“The next day, I went to the Desa Park City Medical Centre and the doctor found a dermoid cyst IN the water cyst. That means that I have 2 cysts on my left ovary and he suspects the dermoid cyst is cancerous. My right ovary was fine.”

The doctor couldn’t confirm whether the cysts were benign or cancerous until he took it to the laboratory. He then explained that he would have to remove her left ovary as well because the cyst was too big but he said that he will try his best to save it.

After the operation, he explained to her that he could not even find her ovary as both the cysts have stretched her ovary and he had to remove the whole thing.

“I only have one ovary left which is my right ovary. I asked the doctor and he said that the cysts was not related to menstruation or food intake but rather it was hormones.”

He explained further and said that it usually happens to women at the age of 30-40 and to those who have given birth.

“He didn’t expect this to happen to me because I’m only 21. The doctor said that I can still have babies and normal periods but I will really need to take care of my right ovary.”

“I regret not doing a checkup earlier so that I could save my ovary. I hope my situation will bring more awareness to people.”

We hope that the reader is now having a good recovery! Her story is why we should go for yearly health check-ups and not take our age or health for granted!


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