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21yo Man Murders GF After Finding Out She Was 4 Months Pregnant



21 yo Indonesian Guy Murdered Girlfr - WORLD OF BUZZ
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According to The Star, a 21-year-old Indonesian man is suspected of killing his pregnant girlfriend, 21, after finding out that she was four months pregnant. The situation got a lot trickier as the two were students at Makassar State Islamic University (UIN), Alauddin.

Satriani, the victim’s cousin, was the first to find her dead body on December 14th. The victim reportedly had fatal stabbing wounds on her body.

“The victim was found covered in blood in her bedroom,” Makassar Police Chief Sr. Comr. Yudhiawan Wibisono said. The killer was also suspected of suffocating her with a pillow.

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Reported by Yudhiawan, the suspect, Ridhayatul Khair, was apprehended at the victim’s funeral.

“He admitted to investigators that he had killed the victim. He said the victim had said she was four months pregnant and wanted him to take responsibility. The victim threatened to tell Ridhayatul’s family about the matter. He became enraged and murdered her,” reported Yudhiawan.

The police also announced that the weapon of murder, a kitchen knife, was found at a riverbank not far from the victim’s house.

21 yo Indonesian Guy Murdered Girlfriend After Finding Out That She Was 4 Months Pregnant - WORLD OF BUZZ

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If found guilty, Ridhayatul could be charged under Article 340 of the Criminal Code on premeditated murder and may be eligible for a life-long jail sentence or a death sentence.

It could’ve ended without any bloodshed only if he took a moment to think and owned up to his mistakes.


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