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23yo Malaysian Shares How Wearing Contacts for 10 Years Caused Her Eye to Become Droopy



Woman Undergoes Eye Surgery Due to Frequent Usage of Contact Lens - WORLD OF BUZZ

The invention of contact lens is a life-saver for most of us. Not only does it provide us with more convenience but it always makes us look good too!

However you may wanna be careful because these lenses have its downsides too. Actually, wearing your contact lens too frequently can harm us. Yes, you read that right.

In an IG story by Camillia Lim,  she shared what she had suffered due to the excessive usage of contact lens. So, take care of your eyes everyone!

Sharing with WORLD OF BUZZ, Camillia said she had been wearing contact lenses for most of the days for nearly 10 years.

She never noticed that she may have had an eye problem until one of her friends pointed out that she has an unbalanced right eye. Once the words were spoken, she could never unsee it ever again. Camillia also stated that many people could not tell her eyes were “unequal” because she frequently put on smokey eye makeup and lash extensions.

Knowing that her eyes were not balanced, she now has to go for surgery to get it fixed.

This is because the muscle responsible for lifting her eyelids had been damaged due to excessive usage of contact lens.

“You can see the whole right iris is covered by my eyelid compared to the left eye and sometimes people pointed it out as well and that makes me feel like ass about myself.”

She even told us that the operation cost for just one eye is RM3,000. I repeat, it’s RM3,000! That’s quite a sum for just one eye, huh.

This condition that she is suffering is called ptosis, which is the drooping or falling of the upper eyelid of a person. Apparently, the drooping may be worse after being awake longer when the muscles are tired. What’s scarier is that this condition is pretty common, so it could happen to anybody.

Source: IMO

Camillia also took the chance and gave a piece of advice to those who might have the condition, be it congenital and acquired. She reminded people of getting their eyes checked and fixed before the ptosis condition gets worse. May be even to the point that it obstructs half your eye.

She added,

“This happened because the eyelid muscles are weakened.

“This can happen if you keep tugging on the eyelid or due to the contacts lens rubbing against the muscles from the inside of the lid.”

In fact, people who wear hard contact lenses are 20 times more likely to develop ptosis.

Well, putting on makeup and contact lenses can increase our self-esteem and make us more attractive. But be sure to take care and not do it too excessively too.

Thanks Camillia for this shocking reminder for all of us! I’m personally gonna be using contacts less frequently from now on D:


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