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24-Year-Old Man Dies After His Vape Exploded in His Face



24yo Man Dies After Shrapnel Severed His Neck When His Vape Exploded - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The Washington Post / The Mercury News

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Vapers may want to be extra careful when you use your electric cigarette because it may just jeopardise your life. The Star reported that a Texan man was killed when his vape exploded in his face. Oh dear. 

According to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office, 24-year-old William Brown suffered severe injuries after his vape blew up in his face when he was using it at an e-cigarette shop nearby Keller, Texas, USA.

The Washington Post wrote that the explosion sent “shards of metal into his face and neck”. Brown was admitted into the hospital for two days before he was declared dead on 29 January 2019, two days after the fatal explosion.

The medical experts listed the young man’s death as stroke after the carotid artery in his neck was severed by the shrapnel from the explosion and his skull was also “peppered”.

Brown will truly be missed because his father told The Washington Post that he was actually a sweet kid and that they worked “side by side”. This is heart-breaking. 

What makes this tragedy even sadder is that Brown’s birthday is just two weeks away and his father, Steve Brown, explained that he has never gone two days without talking to the lad. 🙁

This is an unfortunate incident and we hope that William’s family will stay strong during this predicament. Having said that, it isn’t known if Brown used a faulty vape during the incident but it’s best to becareful when using such devices!


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