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24yo M’sian Dares Netizens For 1 Million Comments To Get “Umbrella Haircut” & The Internet Delivered!



Source: Facebook & Facebook

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Yesterday (29th April), Facebook was abuzz with a post written by a young man named Mohammad Rafiezulanwar Jaffri.

The post was a dare to netizens and it reads,

“If I get one million comments, I will cut my hair like this but I know it won’t happen.”

Rafie posted that dare in the morning yesterday (29 April) and by evening, the post had already amassed one million comments and 18,000 shares! Netizens were pressuring him to cut his hair so he had to appease them by setting up a time for a live broadcast of the hair cut.

At 10pm sharp, he appeared in the live video while wearing a garbage bag. He then tells the viewers that he went to the mall after work but was not able to find a clipper, so he would be using normal scissors instead.

Throughout the video, he seems to be situated in a corridor outside his place of residence which resembles a dormitory/HDB flat. To cut his hair, he employed a few of his housemates to help him.

They began by cutting his hair to fan out like an umbrella and trimmed the sides and top short. However, they couldn’t really get it to look like the picture so they used a normal shaver for that.

Rafie was a very good sport in that 90-minute video and the 24-year-old was very jovial in answering all of the netizens’ questions and comments.

In a post with the before and after pictures, Rafie unveiled his new hairstyle and said that all of this is just for the sake of entertainment. He added that he will be keeping this hairstyle for a few days due to everyone’s request!

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Rafie revealed that he is working as a housekeeper in a Singaporean hospital. Regarding the dare, he said that it was quite spontaneous and at first, he was overly confident that it would not reach one million comments. He did not take into account that the post would go viral.

Rafie also told us that his colleagues were all watching his live stream yesterday but today is his off day, so he will only face them tomorrow. The Johorean man said,

“Thank you for commenting tiredlessly and also sharing till it reached 1 million comments! This is just for entertainment and if I ever said something wrong then please forgive me! Also, remember to stay at home!”

Well, this is certainly a very good distraction from everything during these troubled times. We hope that Rafie will stay safe while the rest of us should continue to stay at home too!


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
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Source: Facebook

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