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25-Year-Old Terrace House in Ampang Is Transformed Into A Modern Home



Source: Groundwork Interior Design

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Published with permission from Groundwork Interior Design.

A lot of us are coming to that age where we’re considering buying a house but are in a position of financial difficulty. But there is also now a trend that’s gaining attention, where people are purchasing smaller or older houses and giving it new life through modern renovations.

The Groundwork Interior Design Facebook page took to their profile to showcase an old house in Ampang that has been renovated to give it a fresh and modern face lift.

They wrote, “Can a terrace home from a 25-year-old neighbourhood breathe new life without disrupting its existing typology?

“With an old terrace structure, is the desire for great ventilation, abundance of natural light and a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors asking for too much?”

Breaking it down, they detailed:

Duration : About 12 Months (Design & Production)
Size (Land area) : 2712sqft
Size (Build up internal area) : (1637sqft)
Cost : RM700,000 / RM258 PSF (Excluding loose furnitures & appliances)

“This property is in a suburban neighbourhood in Ampang Hilir. The premise welcomes its homeowners with a renewed facade that blends in perfectly with the neighbouring homes. And, did we mention an indoor tree?” they added.


It is a process and investment, but results are way more personal and rewarding

We at WORLD OF BUZZ spoke to Groundwork Interior Design’s Managing Director, Birdie Ting and Design Director, Liew Sanyen to get the inside scoop.

“Considering all aspects, a new house with professional security management and good neighbourhood infrastructure would seem like the more sensible choice. Renovating an old property requires time and money – a luxury not many can afford. Very often, you find yourself in need of spending on fixes even before any structural changes or design fixtures begin. With that said, those who can commit to the process and investment almost certainly would find the result way more personal and rewarding,” they shared.


When asked, what are his thoughts on purchasing and renovating an older house compared to buying a brand-new one:

“Like one does through their fashion choices or taste for music, a house is an expression of one’s personality and lifestyle to me. I am personally drawn to old houses for its charm and typology, a quality we rarely get in new developments. Deep down, there’s an innate responsibility to approach design in a more sustainable manner, to breathe new life into the forgotten and to reinvigorate new meanings. And in the process of remodelling an old house, we manage to create something truly unique for the homeowners. Something beyond the physical structure. Above all, I believe the most important outcome is for a house to fit you and your lifestyle needs, regardless of its age,” they added.


Hence, at the end of the day, it really is about personal taste. As long as the house you’re buying can become a home where you feel the most comfortable, it really doesn’t matter if it’s a brand new one or an older one.

But also make sure that you’re not going over your budget when planning to purchase, cutting your coat according to your cloth is key.

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