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27yo Mother Who Always Plays With Phone Before Sleeping Late Found Dead in Bed



27yo Mother with Habit of Playing Her Phone & Sleeping Late Found Dead in Bed - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Source: Sing Tao Daily & Shutterstock

Not getting enough rest is really bad for your health and this could lead to serious consequences so make sure you have enough sleep each day! A 27-year-old woman surnamed Dong in Zhejiang, China suddenly died in the middle of the night and was discovered with her phone still in her hand while she was scrolling through online shopping websites. 

27yo Mother with Habit of Playing Her Phone & Sleeping Late Found Dead in Bed - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Shutterstock

According to ET Today, Dong had two young children; a daughter who is six years old and a younger son who is two. One fateful morning, her mother-in-law called her twice for breakfast but Dong did not give any reaction so she went up to check on her.

Her mother-in-law went inside her bedroom and found Dong lying on her side still holding her phone. However, when she wanted to nudge Dong to wake her up, she was shocked to find that her daughter-in-law felt stiff and cold. She was declared dead and doctors believe that it could have been caused by excessive fatigue which led to a sudden cardiac arrest.

Apparently, she took care of her two young children and was responsible for putting them to bed every night. However, since she does not have enough time to play with her phone during the day, she had the habit of sleeping late as she would lie on her bed at around 1am or 2am and use her phone when her kids were finally settled in.

After some time, this habit of hers caused her to suffer from insomnia sometimes and she couldn’t sleep properly if she didn’t play with her phone prior. Dong would often scroll through social media and look at online shopping sites until the wee hours of the morning. 

Her husband said that the day before, Dong was fine and had even brought the kids out to play with no issues. He also admitted that she would often play with her phone until late at night before she finally slept.

Remember to get enough rest and stay healthy, everyone!


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