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28-Year Old Lady’s Face ‘Eaten’ By Bacteria Due To Severe Infection



Vietnamese Girl's Face 'Eaten' By Bacteria Due To Sinus Infection - World Of Buzz

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Disclaimer: Images included in this article may be disturbing to some readers

Sinusitis or sinus infection is a common condition and most people recover within weeks by themselves. But this lady went through hell and lost the battle against the sinus infection.

According to DailyMail, Tran Thi Yen Nhung, 28, from Vietnam was diagnosed with sinus infection 3 years ago after complaining of having pain inside her nose.

Unlike normal people, her pain did not go away and only got worse over time. Her family spent a total of £180,000 (RM1,003,402) on all prospective cure but there’s no sign of recovering on Nhung.

As the last resort, her family agreed to let Nhung undergo operation to amputate pieces of flash.

Instead of removing the infection, the operation only worsened and spread the infection to her whole face.

Source: Daily Mail

Within a year, the bacteria had consumed nearly all of Nhung’s face destroying her nose and mouth. The infection has also attracted flies to her wound.

Source: Sinar Harian

As such, she can barely see, eat or drink anymore after that.

Source: Mail Online

 Nhung’s aunt, Tran Van Hong said:
“Seeing Nhung in so much pain was heartbreaking. She never stopped hurting. But she was kind and begged for her family not to spend anymore money on her treatment. She said she was okay, and asked us not to cry.”

“We were looking for treatment, visiting every hospital to find someone to help. Her mind was still very awake, but she could not eat or drink.  Our money was completely finished and we had borrowed a lot to pay for medical bills. In the end, the disease would not go away,” she added. 


Before the infection, Nhung aspired to become an actress and start her own family. But the infection has taken all her hope and dreams away.

According to a leading sinus expert, Dr Wellington Tichenor from the Center For Allergy-Asthma in New York, her infection was likely caused by invasive fungus in the sinus which formed fungus balls. Moreover, her conditioned may also be worsened by the poor medical treatment she received in Vietnam.

Nhung’s family shared her pictures so that people can see what she endured and take precautionary steps to avoid suffering from the same fate.

So guys, don’t take your illness lightly as it may lead to severe consequences!

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