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2yo Boy Who Went Viral For His Chopstick Skills is Actually Battling Cancer



Source: South China Morning Post

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We’re sure you’re familiar with this baby who recently went viral for his impressive chopstick skills, but his story is a tear-jerker!

A 2-year-old boy from northern China known as Haihai has now become an Internet star after videos of him eating deftly with chopsticks easily garnered tens of thousands of views on Kuaishou, a Chinese platform similar to Instagram, as reported in AsiaOne. Click here to watch all his videos!

Source: SCMP

The chopstick “pro” savours dumplings, noodles, and pancakes. Nothing seems to defeat Haihai, including his spirit in battling cancer. Haihai was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia in January 2018.

In order to seek treatment for Haihai, his family travelled to Beijing and have spent approximately 700,000 yuan (approximately RM425,000) so far to help him get better.

To make matters worse, the baby’s grandmother is also ill as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to the family’s financial constraints, his grandmother decided to sacrifice her own medical treatment to save Haihai. Our hearts can’t take this!

Source: YouTube

The 2-year-old’s parents also borrowed money from friends and relatives; however, this caused a strain in relations, which was why they turned to social media for help.

Haihai’s family made an account on the Chinese social media platform, Kuaishou, showing off his impressive chopsticks skills. However, the account also shows his heartbreaking battle with leukemia.

“He always behaves when he has to have his blood drawn or have an injection, but he can’t help but be scared during lumbar punctures (a painful procedure where a needle is inserted into the lower spine),” said his mother.

“After all, he’s just a little boy. No matter how strong he is, such pain is hard to take.”

Source: SCMP

Haihai had reportedly undergone more than 30 lumbar punctures.

“The needles that pierce his little body also pierce my heart. The pain I feel is incomparable,” the 2-year-old’s mother continued.

After sharing Haihai’s story online, netizens showered the family with words of love and encouragement. Aww!

Haihai’s mother said that the kind gestures her family received have restored her faith in humanity.

Source: SCMP

Fighting a life-threatening disease is never easy! We salute Haihai for his courage and continuous persistence in fighting his condition and wish him a speedy recovery!


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