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“3 days with wife, 3 days with GF, 1 day off” – Indian Police’s Solution For Man Kantoi Cheating



For illustrative purposes | Source: The Village Family & Odditycentral

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One of the most bizarre cases involving extramarital affairs happened in India recently that is befitting of its own Bollywood adaptation. As reported by India.com, a man from Ranchi within the state of Jharkhand, India ran away and left his wife and child to be with his girlfriend.

The man, named Rajesh Mahato was from Kokar Tiril Road in Ranchi and had eloped with his girlfriend after getting into a relationship with her despite being married. Well, you can’t blame the girlfriend however as she didn’t know that he was married because Rajesh told her that he was single.

After the two ran away together, Rajesh’s wife filed a police report at the local Sadar police station. Furthermore, the parents of the man’s girlfriend also lodged a police report claiming that Rajesh has kidnapped their daughter.

The Indian police then managed to track down Rajesh and detained him, he revealed that he had already married his girlfriend when they ran away together. This then caused a huge fight between Rajesh’s girlfriend and wife which prompted the police to offer a ‘solution’ for all parties involved:

  • Rajesh to spend 3 days with his wife in a week.
  • He will also have to spend 3 days with his girlfriend in a week.
  • He is given a day off to rest.

The local police said that this arrangement was fair considering that Rajesh is married to the both of them. All parties involved then officially signed a contract to uphold this arrangement and kept one copy of it each.

So, did they all live happily ever after? Far from it.

Just within a few days of the agreement being signed, the girlfriend accused Rajesh of sexual assault on the pretext of marriage and lodged another police report. It has been heard at a local court and an arrest warrant was issued for Rajesh.

He is currently running away from the police and according to local news reports, Rajesh’s first wife is believed to have helped him flee the police.

Phew, what a rollercoaster ride of a story! What do you guys think of the whole incident? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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