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3 Men Steal RM5 Mil From Rawang R&R But Chickened Out & End Up Only Taking RM105k



3 Men Steal RM105k and Leave RM5 Million Behind After Robbing Petrol Station in Rawang - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Oriental Daily & Malay Mail

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Hypothetical situation: if you commit a robbery and get away with stealing RM5 million, you’d want to take off with the full amount, right? Not for these three robbers though, who left behind most of their million-ringgit loot, taking ‘only’ a small portion of it with them!

Yesterday night (March 12), three robbers wielding guns stormed into a petrol station at the Rawang R&R, kidnapping two security guards and stealing over RM5 million in cash. Oriental Daily reported that three security guards had just stepped out of the petrol station after withdrawing the cash, when the robbers ambushed them and took their money. To make things worse, they even took two of the guards with them, and promptly drove off from the scene of the crime.

Police received an emergency call not long after, and found a clip belonging to an air gun once they arrived on the spot. With the help of a GPS tracker that was installed in the perpetrators’ car, police were able to track them down to KM438 of the North South Expressway. 

However, the robbers were already gone by the time the car was found. What was more surprising, however, was what was left behind: the kidnapped security guards, and RM5 million in a safe! All in all, the robbers ended up stealing RM105,000, which was a paltry amount considering the millions they had abandoned.

Police believe that the robbers had gotten wind of the former catching up to them, and were afraid of being caught. Hence, they decided to take only what they could carry. However, their mode of escape is currently unclear.

Although we’re glad things didn’t turn out worse, that’s still a huge lump sum gone missing! Let’s hope the authorities catch these bad guys soon and recover it. 


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