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3 Things You Should Take Note of Before Getting Your iPhone Battery Replaced



3 Things You Should Take Note of Before Going for Battery Replacement - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Digital Trend / iFix

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After incurring the wrath of iPhone users for slowing down the performance of their iPhones, Apple has promised to offer a massive discount on battery replacement for iPhone 6 and later models.

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Currently, local Apple resellers such as Switch and Machines are charging RM129 for the battery-changing service. However, you should know that the service is rather time-consuming as some customers were asked to leave their iPhones at the shop for up to seven days.

Err, some of us can’t even live without our phones for 7 minutes! 

Source: Lowyat

Apparently, Malaysian iPhone users are not the only ones who were irritated by the execution of the programme, as Taiwanese netizens have been complaining about it on social media too!

A guy even applied half-day leave just to get his iPhone 6 Plus battery changed, but after waiting for three hours, he was told that there’s a shortage of batteries in the market and the restock is only available in March and April. In the end, he was only given a pre-order receipt.

Besides that, a Taiwanese netizen also shared that he was told by the workers to take note of a few things before proceeding with the battery change, as reported by Oriental Daily. Hence, you better consider these three things prior to getting your battery changed.


1 . Replacing the battery may result in data loss

As such, customers are urged to back up their personal info and contacts before going for the procedure.


2. If the technician discovers non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts in your phone, they may refuse to change the battery for you

That’s exactly what happened to a Malaysian netizen but the technician eventually agreed to fix his phone at an exorbitant price.

Source: Lowyat


3. If the technician notices something that needs to be repaired at additional cost, consumers will be notified

This is actually a good initiative as consumers will have the choice to choose whether or not to continue with the repair, as Apple parts ain’t cheap! 

So, if you’re planning to get your iPhone battery replaced anytime soon, remember to consider these things first! On a side note, would you still stick to Apple or are you considering switching to Android-based smartphones?


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