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3 UiTM Students Find ‘Unwanted Guest’ in Their Room, Turns Out It was a Stray Dog!



3 UiTM Students Hilariously Try to Move a Stray Dog Without Harming It In Viral Video - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Twitter

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Earlier last week (1 May), a group of University Teknologi Mara (UiTM) students were chilling in their hostel when an uninvited guest suddenly showed up and almost turned the whole house upside down. However, this guest was not a human, but a dog!

This amusing incident was shared on Twitter by Nazrin Nazhan and was retweeted over 30,000 times in six days. According to mStar, the ‘trespass’ took place at the students’ hostel in Segamat, Johor and Nazrin was home with his two other housemates while another five housemates had already went out.

Source: Twitter

In an interview with mStar, Nazrin said,

“That morning, I was up early and one of my housemates wanted to go to Gunung Ledang. I thought he had gone out and all the front doors had been closed. So I just chilled inside my room and played games. 

“In the middle of playing games, I suddenly smelt something horrible. Then I heard the noise of something being chewed. I looked around my room but didn’t notice anything. So I continued playing my games.”

Unable to tahan the smell anymore, he stood up to investigate and that’s when he found a dog lying beside his bed. Needless to say, he was spooked but his reaction didn’t scare the dog away. It refused to budge even after Nazrin gently pushed it with a clothes-hanger.

“The dog was very relaxed when I tried to chase it away. Then, it got up and went inside another room which had two people inside. They didn’t notice its presence at first but as soon as they did, they immediately screamed at the top of their lungs,” Nazrin added.

The dog casually got on the bed and slept on it. As amusing as the incident may have been, Nazrin pitied the dog because it looked exhausted and there was a wound on its head. Since they were refraining from touching the dog, they ended up pulling the whole mattress out with the dog sleeping on it.

It didn’t work as the dog moved into another room as the bed was being pulled. One of the housemates, Zainol ended up carrying it outside the house without harming it. Upon accomplishing the mission, they immediately shut the door and the dog went away.

Here’s the video of them working together to get the dog out.

For the rest of day, Nazrin and his housemates had to wash the house and clean anything that came into contact with the dog. This tweet has garnered a lot of attention online and some netizens suggested that they should’ve brought the dog to a vet instead of chasing it away. Others however praised the students for not harming the dog even though it trespassed into their house.

Years down the road, this will definitely be one of those most memorable incidents for him and his friends to recount when hanging out together. After this, though, we bet they won’t be leaving the door open again. 


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