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31yo Man Living in Singapore for 2 Years Turned Away by Clinic Just Because He’s From China



31yo Man Living in Singapore for 2 Years Turned Away by Clinic Just Because He's From China - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: iStock & Yelp

A 31-year-old man who went to the clinic for stomach pain was turned away just because he was from China.

According to Oriental Daily, the supermarket staff from Jiangsu, China said that this is the first time he’s encountered this kind of treatment ever since he started working in Singapore two years ago.

On 10th February, Pang had abdominal pain in the middle of the night but did not have any symptoms of fever or cough. He went to see a doctor at a 24-hour clinic on Jurong West Road 1.

Source: iStock

“When I arrived at the clinic, I submitted my medical card and my work permit in accordance with the instructions. However, the counter staff told me to leave after seeing my work permit,” Pang said.

He added that he would understand if they had turned him away if he had fever symptoms, but the clinic did not even take his temperature or ask any questions related to his condition which puzzled him.

He said that he had to return home still in pain, but fortunately felt better the next day.

Notices are posted outside the clinic urging people with cold symptoms to not enter | Source: Oriental Daily

Although Pang is from Jiangsu, China, he had not gone back to visit his relatives during the Chinese New Year season.

“The last time I returned to China was in September last year, and I stayed in my hometown for more than 10 days before returning to work in Singapore without any problems,” he said.

You can’t turn away people just because they’re Chinese and not check their symptoms. These people still deserve to be treated like any other patient.


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