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32yo Vietnamese Man Cancels Friends & Relatives’ RM17,000 Debt Owed To Him



Source: Sharon McCutcheon l Unsplash & Afif Kusuma l Unsplash

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How many of us can forgive and forget when our friends or relatives owe us a sum of money?

32-year-old Nguyen Van Minh recently made a will and the first clause states that he will be forgiving and cancelling all his family and friends’ debt to him.

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“The total amount of debts is about 100 million VND (RM17,864). They have borrowed it quite long ago but were unable to pay it back.” Mr. Nguyen told VNExpress.

He added: “Last year I announced the cancellation of the debt to all the people who are involved so that they will not have added stress during the pandemic.”

His announcement caused a lot of confusion and one of his relatives thought that Mr Nguyen was being passive-aggressive so he promised to pay him back soon. However, Mr Nguyen patiently explained everything to them to clear any misunderstandings.

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The forgiving man also wrote in his will that he does not want any part in his parents’ inheritance (an old house and 2000 sqm of farmland) as he is in a slightly better financial situation than his siblings. He said that he has seen his father and his uncle fight for an inheritance, so, he does not want a repeat of such instances again.

Mr Nguyen does not actually have any property as his savings were used to help those around him and to pay off his mother’s gambling debt. Mr. Nguyen is only but a freelance translator while his wife is an office worker. He is especially thankful that he was able to work from home during the pandemic while being able to take care of his two-year-old son.

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When Mr Nguyen showed his will to his wife, she was not surprised as she knows him as a “humorous person who lives with gratitude.” As Mr. Nguyen is still in his 30s, his will is largely frowned upon as he made it “too soon”. However, his take on it is that he does not feel as fit as he did back in his younger days, hence, he has to draft a will.

We hope that Mr. Nguyen’s family will be blessed! Would you ever consider doing something like this? Let us know.


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