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3yo Boy Nearly Killed by Mum Who Fed Him Poison After She Had Argument With Husband



Mother Forces Herself & 3yo Son To Drink Poison After Arguing With Husband, - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Shuttershock & China Press

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A young mother from Sichuan, China was so distraught after fighting with her husband that she forced herself AND her 3-year-old son to drink ‘paraquat’ poison, causing the poor child to end up in an ICU.

3yo Boy Nearly Dies After Mum Feeds Him Poison As She Got Upset With Husband - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: China Press

According to China Press, Liu, the husband of the deranged wife received a call from the hospital at 7pm, 9th January, informing him that his wife and son were in the hospital as they had ingested a herbicide called ‘paraquat’, a toxic chemical that has been proven to be fatal.

The poisoned pair were initially sent to a local hospital in Sichuan but due to the insufficient medical equipment in the hospital, the child had to be rushed over to Chengdu for medical treatment. The poor boy only reached the medical institution at 2am before he was immediately sent to the ICU.

Liu discovered that his wife had forced herself to ingest 3 caps of the highly toxic herbicide while making his son drink one cap himself! During the investigation, Liu told authorities that he had a rocky relationship with his wife ever since they got married four years ago.

3yo Boy Nearly Dies After Mum Feeds Him Poison, Says She Got Upset When Arguing With Husband - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Five Prime

He said that he had been separated from his wife for two years due to work and only returned home to his family last year. If the distance wasn’t enough to put a strain on their relationship, there was also the fact that the couple couldn’t stop arguing over financial issues.

Liu said his wife kept asking him for money and even proposed a divorce to fight for child custody over their shared 3-year-old child. The troubled husband admitted that the two were even fighting the night before her attempted suicide (8th January), believing that it might’ve been the cause of her rash actions that took place the following day.

However, the wife’s sister refused to believe that her sister would poison herself, much less her beloved son. “Since my nephew was born, she was with him. She has a deep affection for the child and he too, cares dearly for his mother.” Out of disbelief that her sister would do such a thing, she has accused Liu of forcing his wife to drink the poison instead.

Nonetheless, Liu said he visited his son in Chengdu Hospital once his condition improved. He quoted his son’s response, saying that his deranged mother had given him poison. It was also very evident that the child was abused as there were bruise marks all over his body and nail marks on his neck.

Thankfully, this child is still alive. You should never bring your kids into the middle of an argument.  


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