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3yo Chinese Model Brutally Kicked by Mum Because She’s Too Tired to Pose



3yo Chinese Model Brutally Kicked By Mom After She's Too Tired To Pose - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Source: Metro & Nextshark

Chinese citizens are outraged after a video of a cute little girl being abused by her mother at a modelling photo shoot went viral.

From the controversial video, the mother can be seen kicking the three-year-old model, Niu Niu, as she was reluctant to participate in the shoot.

According to Nextshark, Niu Niu has been in the industry for 6 months and she is very famous within the local commerce platforms where she has modelled for several clothing brands.

It has also been reported that child models like Niu Niu can earn about RM2,800 to RM5,700 per day. She has also modelled up to 100 clothes per day.

When an interviewer asked why the girl’s legs were bruised, her mother said it’s because she’s clumsy. But netizens didn’t believe her.

Niu Niu’s mother has since released a public apology on Weibo, she wrote,

“I was communicating with Niu Niu with some harmless actions. I apologise for the misunderstanding.”

What do you mean harmless?

Now, more and more clips have surfaced showing the mother abusing Niu Niu.

This has prompted many online shops to terminate their contracts with Niu Niu’s mother.

This controversy has also lead to a movement that calls for regulations on the child modelling industry to prevent abuse towards children.

There is nothing wrong with hiring children to model some clothing items for brands. However, it becomes a serious issue when the parents are blinded by greed and abuse their kids so they can get more money. These parents should be punished!

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3yo Chinese Model Brutally Kicked By Mom After She's Too Tired To Pose - WORLD OF BUZZ